Monday, August 1, 2011

Night Night Time

Do you watch your kid(s) sleep? I totally do.  Every night.  Some nights I have to resist crawling in bed with her and snuggling, or worse waking her up and bringing her in bed with me just to snuggle.  My little snuggle bug.  

I wouldn't give up this bug for anything.  I hug and kiss her all day long and tell her she's the most amazing thing I ever did.  She says the most precious things to me without being prodded to now.  She holds my face delicately and says "I love you mama."  She kisses my boos boos better, and gives the best squeeze hugs in the world.  Thank heaven for this little girl.

 See the sippy cup? she holds it like a security object.  Don't worry, it's just water...with ice...if you forget the ice she tells you so!
Papa's eyelashes.  So beautiful.


Meghann (Bringing up Bumble) said...

i can't wait to be told things & not have to ask a hundred questions!
i love her eyelashes. and i'd totally sleep with carter if i didn't think i'd wake him up

stephanie5288 said...

She is precious!