Monday, August 22, 2011

Can it be? lol

So yesterday I started doing something my husband does when he realizes he's getting chunky (now he's never really been chunky really).  He periodically needs to re-train his body to feel real hunger.  It's not a diet. He eats what he wants.  From the minute he wakes up, the minute he goes to bed, he does not eat unless he's feeling hungry.  This sounds so simply right?  I've seen him do this "body training" before, it's actually quite funny.  He walks to the fridge or pantry, opens it up, then says "wait, i'm not hungry." and he closes it and walks away.

When my scale shot up to 189.9 yesterday I panicked and had a mini meltdown.  I resigned myself to try his trick for a few days to remind myself of how it feels to actually be hungry.  It was really hard, when I was mindlessly working in the kitchen it was hard not to munch on stuff.  When I fed Mimi lunch and I wasn't hungry, it was hard not to eat.  When we ate dinner and it tasted SO delicious and I wanted more, it was hard to stop myself and remind myself I was full.

I ate whatever I wanted, oatmeal, a cookie, craisons, some noodles, and beans and greens with cheese for dinner.  The hardest part was when I was sewing. This is going to sound funny, but when I sew, I eat chocolate.  I sewed Mimi an adorable dress last night after I put her to bed and I had to fight the urge to eat those Newman Own's chocolate filled sandwich cookies taunting me from the pantry.

I also drank a ton of water (and unsweet tea sigh) and today I woke up to a pleasant surprise:  186 lbs this morning.

So I'm going to go throw on my running garb and try to get a jog in this morning.

There is actually a book that my husband read that gave him the idea to do this "body training" but I can't remember what it was titled.  If anyone is interested let me know!

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