Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Splash Away

With this heat, outdoor activities almost have to be by water, or in water, preferable icy water lol.  When Courtney lured  convinced me to move to Texas, I don't think she mentioned that the sun is so hot it will bake your skin off.....Thanks Court! :-)

Anyway....it seems to be the consensus of the group of moms I hang with that we should congregate near water.  Today we met up at a splash pad near downtown.  Mimi is the only one of the bunch that LOVES to run head first through these sprinklers. Observe the evidence below....

They had a pretty nice little playground too but the slides and climbing areas get so hot it burns the kids skin, for real.  After 1.5 hours, we packed up our soggy red-faced children and stopped at the Whole Foods Flagship Market downtown for lunch.  Their lunch bar(s) are AMAZING.  Good think I hate going through the traffic to get there or I'd spend my "Whole" paycheck there....hahahaha nice pun right?  Okay anyway......on the roof above the store they have a shaded area to eat and a playground.  We ate our lunches and let the kids play until they literally told us they were tired and wanted to go home. Nice.  

Mimi is down for her nap and I am going to grab a shower and do some dissertatin' (redneck for dissertation).  Cheers

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stephanie5288 said...

Look at that girl!!! I wish Claire were more like that. She likes baths, but hates getting wet otherwise. If she spills water on her shirt she freaks out, lol!