Monday, August 31, 2009

6 Week Postpartum Check Up

I can't believe it has been almost 6 weeks since I had Mimi. I know everyone tells you the time flies when the baby comes but I never quite believed it until now. Everyday goes by so quickly and everyday she looks different to me. I'm happy my husband takes pictures like a Japanese tourist so we don't' miss anything! By the way--we are in search of an easy to use flash memory video camera---one that won't break the bank--any suggestions?

So today was my six week check following my C section. It's kind of weird because my entire pregnancy I was seen by the midwives, then BANG had to have the c section because Mimi was breach, and now I'm a patient of a Dr. I met twice--and one of those times was the c section itself. That was kind of sucky, because I don't know the nurses or their office staff or anything. I was like a stranger. But I had to take Mimi with me because F was at work, I wish I hadn't, today I called her "Mimi the Miserable" because she was fussy all morning and wanted me to just hold her or move her around. I had to put her in the swing to take a shower before my apt and she screamed the entire time. I felt horrible, but what was I to do? I actually made it to the apt on time, which hasn't really been my MO, lately I've been that lady with a baby that is late for everything. The apt went fine, my incision is healed, I have 9 lbs left to lose, and it appears my hormones are still out of whack. The Dr. says that is what is causing the headaches, nightsweats and acne, LOVELY. Unfortunately, there's nothing I can really do until I stop breastfeeding and go back on regular birth control. Until then, she recommended I take the "mini pill", I forget the drug name. Basically it's a non-estrogen BC which doesn't affect breastmilk or your milk supply. I was thinking we'll just try the good ol' condoms, but that obviously didn't work because there is a 6 week old baby in my lap right now! lol. She also prescribed a new acne medication for me that is a combination of benzole peroxide and an antibiotic. Everything was A OK down there and my husband will be glad to hear we're back in business (not that I even have the energy). The Dr. also okayed me to start running and going to the gym again, but no weight lifting for awhile longer she said. She suggested I take a multi vitamin and an omega 3 supplement. The Dr. also mentioned if/when I have another baby I won't be able to use the midwives at that hospital, they don't work with pregnant moms who VBAC--no that's not very nice is it?

My other comment for the day is that today was the first day since having Mimi that I felt I couldn't give everyone 100%. I felt like I couldn't give my husband, my baby, my boss, my work, or my home 100% of what it needed. My husband was grumpy at me for waking him up this morning, my daughter cried in her swing so I could take shower, my house is a mess, hell I don't even get a chance to walk my dog anymore. I also am behind on my schoolwork already and it's only been one week! I could really use some encouragement--anyone else out there every feel like this?

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Warning--Rant lol

As I've said before, when I was pregnant I found myself watching women's vlog's on youtube to make time go by when I was sitting at home large and pregnant at my computer. When I actually take the time to leave a comment, I am usually pretty blunt and honest, without trying to be offensive.

So today I watched "FamilyofThreeNow" vlog on baby items she thought were a waste of money. I was really surprised at her opinions. Let's go over a few of the first things she mentions: a Crib, a Bassinet, and a pack and play. HELLO where the hell does your kid sleep? I agree my bassinet was kind of a waste only because my kid decided she didn't like to sleep in it. My friend's baby however slept in hers until she was 6 months. So there you go, you never know. My daughter sleeps in her crib every-night, how is a crib a waste of money? lol. The girl on the vlog mentions how her Graco pack and play is so hard to put together and take apart that she can't figure it out. Now let me say this, I am not always the most mechanically inclined person, but I thought the pack and play ( I have the cheaper version of it from GRACO) was the most idiot proof baby item I ever bought. Hell, it's the most idiot proof item in my whole house. It has a GIANT RED STRING at the bottom that says "PULL", when you pull it the whole thing collapses. Come on now lady.

She then goes on to say that her bouncy seat was a waste of money. Don't agree at all. Not only does my baby practically live in hers all day, every single kid I have ever babysat or known has loved their infant bouncy seat.

So I sent this girl a comment saying "It's so funny, most of the stuff you say is a waste, our baby uses all the time, babies really are different! Our baby sleeps in her crib every night, she uses her bouncy seat everyday and we find our Graco pack and play completely idiot proof, and both me and my husband use our changing table like 10 times a day. So I guess you need to see what works for you. I agree you don't need to buy everything all at once."

She rights back "well, obviously you didn't watch or listen to my video at all. In the very beginning I said "This is my opinion and I'm sure there are going to be some people who aren't going to agree with me" And I don't appreciate you calling me an "idiot". Don't watch my videos if you are going to leave hateful comments. Thanks!!"

So whoa, this girl got on the major defensive. If you read my comment, I agreed with her that all babies prefer different things, and I also agreed that you don't have to buy all the stuff at once. She must get a lot of offensive judgmental people attacking her about her parenting if my simple comment drove her over the edge. I'd also like to point out, I did not call her an idiot, I only stated how idiot proof the pack and play is (which come on it).

GRRRR I hate when people take things so personally when they are not meant to be.

Also, I'd like to mention, in reference to her post, I use my changing table ALL DAY, and I have a similar baby carrier that I use almost every time I leave the house. Infact, I used it today! lol

Friday, August 28, 2009

Grandma's Here

Hey guys

What a CRAZY week. I went back to school this week (only Tuesday/Thursday). My mom came on Monday to stay for the week. This has been surprisingly nice. Normally my mother drives me up a wall after a day or two, but I'm happy to report a nice smooth week. My mom really respects my take on what the baby needs. She doesn't make comments about how I should do things differently. She does exactly what I ask her to, and she's been helping with housework also, but not overdoing it. Sometimes I'm a little controlling about how I want things done around the house, a little type A maybe, so it's difficult to let others help me. She goes home Monday and my husband will start taking care of her Tue/Thur while i'm in class.

I don't know what I was thinking taking on all these responsibilities this semester. I am taking an online class, not difficult, just time consuming, also an advanced GIS class (to help make me more marketable for job searches next summer), TAing a class, and I'm supposed to start writing. AND of course taking care of little Mimi all the other time that I'm not in class. GEESH, note to self, next time you have a one-month-old baby, cut back on the time commitments!

Mimi is plumping up. She's a little porker, she's up to almost 11 lbs. No one can dare say I'm not feeding her enough! The transition to having some bottles during the day from anther person while i'm gone has gone okay. She seems to be more gassy, which I think is from the bottles--she guzzles too quickly even with slow-flow nipples. Also, her sleeping pattern in a little off--I think because she needs the nursing to soothe her sometimes to get a good nap in. This is just what I think, who knows if it is true.

Finally lost 2 lbs after sticking at the same weight for 2 week straight. I think it is because I was so busy this week I didn't' have time to eat. Going to Toys R Us to stock up on diapers armed with my handful of coupons carefully clipped over the past few weeks.

I'll talk about something more substantial later when I have time to sit down and think about it--

Good luck to Courtney--She's having a little baby soon!
Good luck to Rach--She's coming along and buying some cute baby stuff

Check their blogs out too, they do a good job keeping people posted.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Sometimes life is frustrating

Do you ever have days where you need to remind yourself that you love your husband? This makes me sound so terrible, but sometimes I just really get frustrated with my husband. I love him so much, but sometimes I just lose it.

Why is it that....

My husband asks me questions that I've answered 100 times already? Like what are the dates he needs to take off for our trip this fall...or where the bibs are....things I've answered or we've had conversations about 100 times in the past month?

He throws his clothes on the floor next to the hamper....literally next to...but can't seem to make them into the hamper?

He tells me we need toothpaste but can't seem to stop at one of the 10 CVS's or Wallgreen's on his way to work to buy some?

He thinks that because I'm home with the baby I don't have to work as well...oh I don't know, ,like write my dissertation or take classes or teach classes?

Why is it that when he's stressed out, he needs to relax, but for me life just has to go on cause there's too much to do?

What did their mothers do to them to make them so lazy and enabled?

GRRRRRRRRR okay, I have vented about my husband.

Now let me focus on the positive.

My husband takes care of me when I'm sick, like when I had shingles in my face (I know, F'ing crazy to get shingles at 26), or when I had my C section.

My husband takes good care of our baby without me worrying if he's doing a good job or not. I know you are thinking, well shouldn't this be a given? But I've know a lot of other husbands/dads that freak out at the thought of having to take care of a baby all alone for an extended period, with the mothers freaking out the entire time they are gone is their baby is going to be alive when they get home.

My husband works a job that isn't challenging to him but is convenient so that I can stay in this city to finish my graduate education.

My husband is my best friend.

Okay now I don't feel like such a terrible person. Here's my husband hanging out the my daughter Sunday morning. She's naked because she pukes all over herself, sometimes it's just easier to leave her naked until her stomach has settled a little!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Getting into a groove

Hey guys--CAUTION--long blog post

My little Mimi is a month old now. It's funny how sloooooow the end of pregnancy is and how fast the time with your baby flies. She's growing strong and fat :-). I went to a postpartum luncheon this week at the hospital where I delivered. They offer them every Tuesday from 11:3-2 pm. They are run by a lactation consultant and it seemed very well attended. You sit at this large oval table with all the moms eating your free chicken salad and you take turns speaking about issues or questions you have with breastfeeding, or any other concern. It was really nice in a way because all these babies are right around the age of your child, so you can look around and compare sizes etc. From what I gather, these women use this luncheon as a place to VENT about things driving them nuts. Fifty percent of women bitched about their husbands and the other 1/2 bitched about how their babies don't sleep or about low milk supply. By the time they got around to me I felt bad because not only does my baby sleep 9 hours a night with one break, and I have enough milk for 3 children, but my husband is pretty awesome. My husband deals so well with sleep deprivation and stress. I don't know what i would do without him to mellow me out. I'm always afraid to say Mimi is a good sleeper out of fear that she'll revert to prove me wrong! Breastfeeding is also going really well. I usually pump an extra 8-10 oz a day to store plus feed her all day. I could probably pump another 4 oz is I had the patience, but I figure right now 2 extra bottles a day is enough to store. I use the Medela 'Pump in Style' double electric pump, it seems to do the trick. My nipples have been getting a little sore again, but I think it's because I get more and more lax about making sure she latches good each time. I keep my eyes open for thrush in her mouth though, I know that can make my nipples irritated too.

I was watching my usual blogs on youtube, and one girl I follow was talking about her experience with possibly having PUPPPS or ICP and maybe having to get induced early, packing her hospital bag, and last minute items she needed etc. So I thought I would just jot down a few notes on what I did as far as "must have" items and packing my hospital bag. You can check out her vlog also:

As far as the hospital bag goes, let me just say up front that I live not more than 10 minutes from the hospital I delivered at, and we had a dog at home that needed to be let out and fed, so running home to grab anything we forgot wasn't' a big deal. I also was having a scheduled c section and new I wouldn't' be going through labor either. So I packed light,the hospital moves you a around from a deliver suite, to a postpartum room etc. So you don't want to have all this crap to tote around. Also, people come and visit you and bring more crap (food, flowers, etc.) Plus, the hospital not only provides you with a ton of stuff, but the send you home with a ton of crap. So I brought:

A pillow from home--put a pillowcase on it that's not white so you can tell it apart from the hospital's

Toiletries--I brought shampoo, conditioner, facewash and a nice smelling bodywash. After I had the baby taking that first shower was like heaven. splurge and get nice stuff for yourself. I also brought the obvious toothpaste, toothbrush, deodorant. I brought my makeup but never put it on. I mean, what was I thinking? Getting all gussied up to fall asleep off and on all day?

Eyeglasses--most places won't let you wear your contacts

I brought a comfortable nightgown, nursing bra and comfy shorts. I wore the hospitals nightgowns the first two days, this was just easier because of the IV's and tubes and stuff. Not to mention all the bleeding. I wore comfortable short on unde the gown so i didn't moon my husband or visiting friend every time I stood up. After the first two days, all the tubes, IV's and censors were off me and putting on my own nightgown felt nice. I wore a comfy nursing bra too. I had a bathrobe also, but just a light cotton one, not a gigantic terry cloth one. I had comfy clothes to go home in. Maternity clothes--You still look about 6 months pregnant when you leave the hospital. I never brought slippers, I wore flip flops when I wasn't in the hospital bed. I live in Florida, we wear flip flops 24/7.

I brought an outfit for the baby. Luckily, I brought two, good thing too, the sleeper we brought for her to come home in was newborn size and it was too small :-( The entire time we were there we kept her in the little shirt the hospital had on her, this made it so much easier for diaper changes, plus they have to undress them a lot to do vital checks, etc. The hospital gives you hats, blankets, diaper, wipes, alcohol swabs, babywash, nasal aspirator, etc etc etc. We had our carseat installed and it was in the car.

Take everything home form the hospital that they give you--the peri bottle, pads, etc. It's likely your charged for it anyway.

I did not bring clothes for my husband, he went home once a day for a shower and to feed/let out our dog. He would grab takeout on his way back.

Other than that I had my cell phone and cell phone charger and our camera. I thought about bringing my boppy pillow, but passed, I didn't really need it anyway.

Here is list of baby things I really used the first few weeks:
-Newborn size diapers--we didn't' buy any but the size one were way too big the first two weeks
-birp clothes and receiving blankets
-easy to put on sleepers or gowns
-My breast pump and storage bags for breastmilk--I ended up being quite the dairy cow
-Changing table--my husband actually admitted how handy it was
-We used the bassinet for the first week, then she wouldn't sleep in it anymore and preferred her crib in her room
-extra crib sheets--our baby spits up a lot!
-baby washcloths for sponge baths
-My ultimate fav--the kiddopotomus Snuzzler--this thing is awesome, we put it in her bouncy seat and her carseat-it supports their head, neck and shoulders really well and it makes them feel more snuggled and comfortable
-her bouncy seat--she lives it when we're not holding her or put her in her crib

Things we thought were crucial, but not needed:
-those special swaddling blankets--expensive and not neccessary--get large stretchy cotton blanket--like the ones gap has--my first favorites--cotton receiving blankets, the little flannel ones are great a birp clothes, or to throw over them or cover yourself while nursing, but after about 2 weeks, she wouldnt' stay in the swaddle, she would break out
-the wipes warmer--it dries out the wipes and she screams whether we change her with warm wipes or room temperature wipes
-plethora of adorable ruffled clothes--bought by your family for being cute, but uncomfortable and not practical for newborns--sleepers and onesies are the way to go
-swings--I think this might come in handy later, but for now, she screams it in
-high chair--why buy one now? they can't sit in it for like 4 or 5 months

Other than baby items, I realized how nice it was to have things on hand that you wouldn't think of, because it's hard to get to the store the first week or so. Things like tissues, toilet paper, handsoap, and easy snacks and meals.

What's scary is when I watch other womens' vlogs or read their blogs about their pregnancy, a small part me misses being pregnant and wants to do it again. Then I snap out of it and think "Jesus Jenney, don't you remember how miserable you were the last 10 weeks?! Don't you remember the asthma? the 4 chins? the constant peeing? the crazed hormones?!" Then I think, yeah maybe in a few years. So if you're pregnant, don't wish it away even if you're miserable.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Heading out for Supplies...

Mimi is going to be one month old this week and i've officially run out of something baby related. I think I did pretty well preparing if it takes a month before I physically NEED to leave the house for something. Wipes and breast there's a list for you. My friend with a baby said she never used breast pads and was surprised at how many I went through. Then she saw my freezer full of milk and understood. I guess it's a blessing to have too much milk, but it's also annoying, you leak milk just by smelling your baby's laundry, or hearing her cry. Some nights (when I would forget breast pads at night), I would wake up saturated in my own breastmilk---I know, gross. I use the lansinoh brand and it seems to work for me. The other thing I am almost of out is wipes. I seem to be bad at wipes--I use far too many, hopefully I will improve.

The bills from the doctors are rolling in now which is fun to deal with. I have two insurances and one is in my maiden names and one is in my new married name. So this makes it ultra fun to deal with the hospital billing office, lol. It's crazy, you get a bill for the "room and board" for your baby---except the baby was in the room with me, and I fed her. I also got charged the same fee--does this not make sense to anyone else? That's just the begining of the fun.

This week will be the first week where I am ALL ALONE with no houseguests (see previous post for my feeelings on this) and my husband will be back at work. We'll see how it goes. The week after that my mom will be here. I'm kind of excited for her to see the baby though, I think it'll be nice.

Mimi is doing great, the last two nights she slept 5-6 hours, woke up, ate and slept another 2-3 hours. AWESOME. I actually woke up before her, 1. wondering why she hadn't cried yet 2. my boobs were going to spray breastmilk everywhere. I pumped 8 oz!!! and went back to bed until she woke up. The women's body is an amazing thing.

I'm sure i'll post later this week. Thanks to everyone who commented. Feel free to comment and say hi, or complain about my parenting, or offer suggestions, ask questions, whatever.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Packing up the Maternity Clothes

Photos--Me at 4 weeks, me at 40 weeks, and my beautiful fat baby :-)

Well today I cleaned out my closet and packed up all of my tent-like clothing that I loathed by the end of my pregnancy. I have 10 more lbs to lose until I reach my pre-pregnancy weight, but all my pre-prego shirts now fit. Pants---HAHAHAHA, not quite yet, but hopefully in the next month or so I can squeeze my butt back into those. After I have my 6 week post partum apt. I will be signing back up for the Total Fitness Challenge at my gym with my old trainer Erin. I think I just have to be careful of abdominal exercises for awhile longer, other than that I think I'll be cleared to get my butt in shape again. You got to love when your husband says (3 weeks after you've just had his baby), "Oh, you're still wearing maternity pants?" HELLO, I gained 31 lbs and have lost 21 of them in 3 weeks, cut me some slack dear! He also told me my eyebrows look a little bushy, lol. In the 6 years I've dated him he has never noticed my eyebrows....ever....and believe me they've been in worse shape than this. I'll admit I really need to visit my friendly japanese waxing lady who always says "you want lip too?" even though i really don't feel as though I have any hair, let alone dark hair on my lip. When does he think I have time to go get my brows waxed? I haven't even been allowed to drive for the past 3 weeks. Technically I'm still not supposed to drive..I think.

So we took Mimi to her 3 week apt, she was 21 1/2 inches, 9lbs 4 oz, and her head was 37.5 cm. What's with our pediatrician mixing metric with standard? Kind of strange..anyway, she was in the 75th percentile for head and ht. and 50th for weight. Go Mimi, gaining 1 lbs 4 oz in the last 2 1/2 weeks. Guess we know you're eating well! I have to go back to work and school 1/2 time starting next week. My mom will be here the first week, then my husband will be taking two 1/2 days a week so I can go to work and class. We'll see how this all goes! Mimi has been sleeping for the last 4 hours, why can't she do that at night? This crazy lack of sleep is wearing on me! Again....she's worth it!

Friday, August 7, 2009

2 Weeks old--Dealing with Houseguests

Our little Mimi is now over 2 weeks old. It feels like we've had her here forever, but it's only been two weeks! One week after we had her my husband's mother and two of his 4 siblings came to stay with us, his younger brother Anthony (age 15) and younger sister Alexandra, whom Mimi's middle name is after (age 18). Let me first say that I am gracious for their help, they help cook meals, they helped with laundry, etc. I am also greatful that Mimi has so much family that loves her...HOWEVER....I will never let 3 people come stay with me for two weeks after having a baby ever again. It has been a madhouse. If I haven't already mentioned, our home is 975 sq ft. Three bedrooms, 1 bathroom. One bedroom is ours, one is Mimi's nursery and the other we converted into an office that has a nice futon that flattens into a queen size bed. So now can you see why this hasn't been the best time with all these people?

When they first got here it wasn't too bad, they would ask before they did anything with the baby..."can we changer her? do you want us to hold her?" etc. That was fine. As each day went on, the minute I would walk out of the room they'd have her in the bath, change her clothes and be wanting to give her a bottle. I was like...hold up people, this is MY baby. It got really frustrating because I basically only got to hold my baby when she was screaming and wanting to nurse. Thank god I'm breastfeeding or I swear they would have put her in the car and stolen her! So, my advice, let people come for short visit in small groups, and tell them what you're comfortable letting them help with, because if what they do stresses you out, it's not helpful.

Other than the stress of the family visiting, things seem pretty good. I've lost all but 14 lbs. I gained I think 31 total by the day I had her. When I first came home from the hospital and I weighed myself I had only lost 5 lbs, and I was like WTF!? she weighed over 8 lbs!? how can this be!? I think it's all the fluids they have you in the hospital after the surgery. It has quickly gone away, even with the half of container of mint chip icecream i've downed this week.

My body seems to be recovering well from the surgery and the pregnancy. I do have to stop doing so much though, I often get sore by the end of the day. I've gotten passes the sore nipple thing, they only lasted a week. There was one night when I was so sore from nursing and she wanted to eat and eat and eat, I tearfully looked at my husband and said "I can't do this anymore, it hurts so bad" but I kept with it, and now I barely feel it when she's nursing. I don't even need Lanolin anymore.

So, I have two and a half more weeks of house visiters filtering in and out then I go back to school and people leave us alone lol! My husband will be watching Mimi while I'm in class Tuesday's and Thursdays, so that's comforting both emotionally and financially!

Things I can't live without so far:
1. Swaddling blankets--the bigger stretchy cotton ones!
2. My medela breast pump
3. Bulk laundry detergent (baby pukes all over everything)
4. Hot food that I don't have to cook

Sucky Things"
1. Houseguests
2. Interupted limited sleep
3. Still having to wear maturnity pants
4. Leaky boobs