Sunday, August 16, 2009

Heading out for Supplies...

Mimi is going to be one month old this week and i've officially run out of something baby related. I think I did pretty well preparing if it takes a month before I physically NEED to leave the house for something. Wipes and breast there's a list for you. My friend with a baby said she never used breast pads and was surprised at how many I went through. Then she saw my freezer full of milk and understood. I guess it's a blessing to have too much milk, but it's also annoying, you leak milk just by smelling your baby's laundry, or hearing her cry. Some nights (when I would forget breast pads at night), I would wake up saturated in my own breastmilk---I know, gross. I use the lansinoh brand and it seems to work for me. The other thing I am almost of out is wipes. I seem to be bad at wipes--I use far too many, hopefully I will improve.

The bills from the doctors are rolling in now which is fun to deal with. I have two insurances and one is in my maiden names and one is in my new married name. So this makes it ultra fun to deal with the hospital billing office, lol. It's crazy, you get a bill for the "room and board" for your baby---except the baby was in the room with me, and I fed her. I also got charged the same fee--does this not make sense to anyone else? That's just the begining of the fun.

This week will be the first week where I am ALL ALONE with no houseguests (see previous post for my feeelings on this) and my husband will be back at work. We'll see how it goes. The week after that my mom will be here. I'm kind of excited for her to see the baby though, I think it'll be nice.

Mimi is doing great, the last two nights she slept 5-6 hours, woke up, ate and slept another 2-3 hours. AWESOME. I actually woke up before her, 1. wondering why she hadn't cried yet 2. my boobs were going to spray breastmilk everywhere. I pumped 8 oz!!! and went back to bed until she woke up. The women's body is an amazing thing.

I'm sure i'll post later this week. Thanks to everyone who commented. Feel free to comment and say hi, or complain about my parenting, or offer suggestions, ask questions, whatever.

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laurapile said...

Hey, I started reading your blog recently. I forget how I came upon it but I do enjoy the updates. I am currently 15 weeks pregnant!! Good for you for losing that weight so fast! awesome! I am sure the last 10 won't be much of a problem. Good luck with everything, Laura