Saturday, August 29, 2009

Warning--Rant lol

As I've said before, when I was pregnant I found myself watching women's vlog's on youtube to make time go by when I was sitting at home large and pregnant at my computer. When I actually take the time to leave a comment, I am usually pretty blunt and honest, without trying to be offensive.

So today I watched "FamilyofThreeNow" vlog on baby items she thought were a waste of money. I was really surprised at her opinions. Let's go over a few of the first things she mentions: a Crib, a Bassinet, and a pack and play. HELLO where the hell does your kid sleep? I agree my bassinet was kind of a waste only because my kid decided she didn't like to sleep in it. My friend's baby however slept in hers until she was 6 months. So there you go, you never know. My daughter sleeps in her crib every-night, how is a crib a waste of money? lol. The girl on the vlog mentions how her Graco pack and play is so hard to put together and take apart that she can't figure it out. Now let me say this, I am not always the most mechanically inclined person, but I thought the pack and play ( I have the cheaper version of it from GRACO) was the most idiot proof baby item I ever bought. Hell, it's the most idiot proof item in my whole house. It has a GIANT RED STRING at the bottom that says "PULL", when you pull it the whole thing collapses. Come on now lady.

She then goes on to say that her bouncy seat was a waste of money. Don't agree at all. Not only does my baby practically live in hers all day, every single kid I have ever babysat or known has loved their infant bouncy seat.

So I sent this girl a comment saying "It's so funny, most of the stuff you say is a waste, our baby uses all the time, babies really are different! Our baby sleeps in her crib every night, she uses her bouncy seat everyday and we find our Graco pack and play completely idiot proof, and both me and my husband use our changing table like 10 times a day. So I guess you need to see what works for you. I agree you don't need to buy everything all at once."

She rights back "well, obviously you didn't watch or listen to my video at all. In the very beginning I said "This is my opinion and I'm sure there are going to be some people who aren't going to agree with me" And I don't appreciate you calling me an "idiot". Don't watch my videos if you are going to leave hateful comments. Thanks!!"

So whoa, this girl got on the major defensive. If you read my comment, I agreed with her that all babies prefer different things, and I also agreed that you don't have to buy all the stuff at once. She must get a lot of offensive judgmental people attacking her about her parenting if my simple comment drove her over the edge. I'd also like to point out, I did not call her an idiot, I only stated how idiot proof the pack and play is (which come on it).

GRRRR I hate when people take things so personally when they are not meant to be.

Also, I'd like to mention, in reference to her post, I use my changing table ALL DAY, and I have a similar baby carrier that I use almost every time I leave the house. Infact, I used it today! lol


Kyle and Court: said...

So your blog entry has totally offended me to the depths of my very SOUL.

Kidding. =P

The picture is SUPER cute.

laurapile said...

HAHA...That's a funny rant!! I totally agree with you though, like you never know what the baby will like or dislike. I am doing my research before I buy stuff and asking friends who have babies.