Monday, August 31, 2009

6 Week Postpartum Check Up

I can't believe it has been almost 6 weeks since I had Mimi. I know everyone tells you the time flies when the baby comes but I never quite believed it until now. Everyday goes by so quickly and everyday she looks different to me. I'm happy my husband takes pictures like a Japanese tourist so we don't' miss anything! By the way--we are in search of an easy to use flash memory video camera---one that won't break the bank--any suggestions?

So today was my six week check following my C section. It's kind of weird because my entire pregnancy I was seen by the midwives, then BANG had to have the c section because Mimi was breach, and now I'm a patient of a Dr. I met twice--and one of those times was the c section itself. That was kind of sucky, because I don't know the nurses or their office staff or anything. I was like a stranger. But I had to take Mimi with me because F was at work, I wish I hadn't, today I called her "Mimi the Miserable" because she was fussy all morning and wanted me to just hold her or move her around. I had to put her in the swing to take a shower before my apt and she screamed the entire time. I felt horrible, but what was I to do? I actually made it to the apt on time, which hasn't really been my MO, lately I've been that lady with a baby that is late for everything. The apt went fine, my incision is healed, I have 9 lbs left to lose, and it appears my hormones are still out of whack. The Dr. says that is what is causing the headaches, nightsweats and acne, LOVELY. Unfortunately, there's nothing I can really do until I stop breastfeeding and go back on regular birth control. Until then, she recommended I take the "mini pill", I forget the drug name. Basically it's a non-estrogen BC which doesn't affect breastmilk or your milk supply. I was thinking we'll just try the good ol' condoms, but that obviously didn't work because there is a 6 week old baby in my lap right now! lol. She also prescribed a new acne medication for me that is a combination of benzole peroxide and an antibiotic. Everything was A OK down there and my husband will be glad to hear we're back in business (not that I even have the energy). The Dr. also okayed me to start running and going to the gym again, but no weight lifting for awhile longer she said. She suggested I take a multi vitamin and an omega 3 supplement. The Dr. also mentioned if/when I have another baby I won't be able to use the midwives at that hospital, they don't work with pregnant moms who VBAC--no that's not very nice is it?

My other comment for the day is that today was the first day since having Mimi that I felt I couldn't give everyone 100%. I felt like I couldn't give my husband, my baby, my boss, my work, or my home 100% of what it needed. My husband was grumpy at me for waking him up this morning, my daughter cried in her swing so I could take shower, my house is a mess, hell I don't even get a chance to walk my dog anymore. I also am behind on my schoolwork already and it's only been one week! I could really use some encouragement--anyone else out there every feel like this?

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