Friday, August 7, 2009

2 Weeks old--Dealing with Houseguests

Our little Mimi is now over 2 weeks old. It feels like we've had her here forever, but it's only been two weeks! One week after we had her my husband's mother and two of his 4 siblings came to stay with us, his younger brother Anthony (age 15) and younger sister Alexandra, whom Mimi's middle name is after (age 18). Let me first say that I am gracious for their help, they help cook meals, they helped with laundry, etc. I am also greatful that Mimi has so much family that loves her...HOWEVER....I will never let 3 people come stay with me for two weeks after having a baby ever again. It has been a madhouse. If I haven't already mentioned, our home is 975 sq ft. Three bedrooms, 1 bathroom. One bedroom is ours, one is Mimi's nursery and the other we converted into an office that has a nice futon that flattens into a queen size bed. So now can you see why this hasn't been the best time with all these people?

When they first got here it wasn't too bad, they would ask before they did anything with the baby..."can we changer her? do you want us to hold her?" etc. That was fine. As each day went on, the minute I would walk out of the room they'd have her in the bath, change her clothes and be wanting to give her a bottle. I was like...hold up people, this is MY baby. It got really frustrating because I basically only got to hold my baby when she was screaming and wanting to nurse. Thank god I'm breastfeeding or I swear they would have put her in the car and stolen her! So, my advice, let people come for short visit in small groups, and tell them what you're comfortable letting them help with, because if what they do stresses you out, it's not helpful.

Other than the stress of the family visiting, things seem pretty good. I've lost all but 14 lbs. I gained I think 31 total by the day I had her. When I first came home from the hospital and I weighed myself I had only lost 5 lbs, and I was like WTF!? she weighed over 8 lbs!? how can this be!? I think it's all the fluids they have you in the hospital after the surgery. It has quickly gone away, even with the half of container of mint chip icecream i've downed this week.

My body seems to be recovering well from the surgery and the pregnancy. I do have to stop doing so much though, I often get sore by the end of the day. I've gotten passes the sore nipple thing, they only lasted a week. There was one night when I was so sore from nursing and she wanted to eat and eat and eat, I tearfully looked at my husband and said "I can't do this anymore, it hurts so bad" but I kept with it, and now I barely feel it when she's nursing. I don't even need Lanolin anymore.

So, I have two and a half more weeks of house visiters filtering in and out then I go back to school and people leave us alone lol! My husband will be watching Mimi while I'm in class Tuesday's and Thursdays, so that's comforting both emotionally and financially!

Things I can't live without so far:
1. Swaddling blankets--the bigger stretchy cotton ones!
2. My medela breast pump
3. Bulk laundry detergent (baby pukes all over everything)
4. Hot food that I don't have to cook

Sucky Things"
1. Houseguests
2. Interupted limited sleep
3. Still having to wear maturnity pants
4. Leaky boobs

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