Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Random Post

Let me show you how she eats yogurt
Mommy and Mimi on the big kid swings
I love my kid so much. She is like my best little buddy.  I with I could just stay home and have babies and just love on them all day.  Starting with my brown-eyed curly-haired little Mimilicious.  She is growing up so fast.  Tonight I took a bath her and played and laughed and just "created a moment" as laura said in her last blog post.  

That's all I wanted to say today.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Hello boobs, where did you go?

Okay, so my friend dragged me to Victoria's Secret yesterday to buy what she calls "booby holders", which as a side note It think is a little tacky.  So she has been nagging me for weeks to get new bras.  With all the weight I've lost and stopping nursing, the ladies (my boobs) look deflated and GONE! Serioulsy, I have no boobs left.  When I became pregnant I was a 38 D, then while nursing a 38DD.  So I go to VS and get fitted for a bra and guess what?
                                                                         38 C

Two cup sizes? I've lost two cupsizes? Man, that sucks, new bras are expensive! So I bit the bullet and took advantage of VS's buy one get one half off and WHAM 125 bucks later I have 4 really nice bras that actually fit and make me feel amazing.  You don't realize how wrong your size was until you start wearing bras that fit you properly.

I got the "naked" bra, which fells amazing.  I also bought a new biofit bra, very nice.  My husband seemed pretty psyched too :-)

until later.....

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Same Santa, Same kid!?

HOLY CANOLI.   That's what I think when I look at these pictures side by side. Same Santa, and what!? is that the same kid?! Holy Canoli.  Inspired by Jess' post on looking back a year in photos, I wanted to share with you all this year's and last year's Santa photo.  I know, I know, we did it a bit early, but my mom only comes at Thanksgiving and she likes to take Mimi, so I indulge her.

Now that I am depressed at how fast my kid has grown and how I want to quit my job and stay home and pop out more babies, I'm going to shower off my run I just took with Lady GaGa around my dimly lit neighborhood (somewhat scary) and pay bills, which will remind me why I'm not trying to get pregnant right now......MONEY.

Oh my Mimilicious, how you have grown! Stop growing up so fast little one!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Annual Review for Friends

I've realized that all my blogs and vlogs are about weightloss and running.  Damn how boring? I don't even do family or kid ones anymore.  Or even ranting ones!  I need to be less focused with my content and appeal to my readers and followers that don't give a crap about running and weightloss! right?

Well today I had this thought.  Today I was thinking about how I've been at my horrible job 6 months now.  6 Months TO THE DAY.  And normally you get evaluated by your supervisor ever 6 months.  This got me thinking about evaluating things.  I think I evaluate all things in life.

Today I was thinking on how every year you should evaluate your friends.  I know, you're thinking I'm a total bitch right now, but hear me out.....Have you ever heard the saying that a person can only maintain so many personal relationships, and if you add a new one, another drops off to compensate.  It's a real thing people--it's called Dunbar's Number, "the number of individuals with whom a stable inter-personal relationship can be maintained." No precise value has been proposed for Dunbar's number. It lies between 100 and 230, but a commonly used value is 150.  Dunbar's number has been most popularized by Malcolm Gladwell's The Tipping Point, where it plays a central role in Gladwell's arguments about the dynamics of social groups.  This is actually one of my husband's favorite books.

Over the last year, the dyanmics of my friendships have changed a lot.  Having a baby tends to change your circle of friends.  You make new friendships with people that have children, probably due to the fact that you both have kids, which are the central focus of your life.  Other parents understand this focus, while your non-childbearing friends don't always empathize with the fact that yes, you do in fact enjoy spending your weekends at the local park and letting your kid finger paint in their highchair while you snap 50 photos.  I'm not saying my friends don't like me anymore, or that they hate my kid, I just have shifted focus in my life, and my lifestyle doesn't jive with their's as much anymore.  Before Child (BC), we were invited to random get togethers, outings, etc, now we get invited to the big events, but smaller more random events dont' necessarily include us, which I understand they got sick of us saying we cant' go cause of Mimi, babysitters, etc.  

Other things have changed in my life.  I've changed jobs--this has separated for me by direct evidence that some people that I thought were friends, saw themselves as merely my "work colleagues."  Oh well. that happens. 

Another thing has changed in my life.  Now that I have NO FRIGGIN TIME to do anything fun, when I do have time or energy (physical or emotional) I want to concentrate that time and energy on people that enrich my life and who are caring and good friends.  In my absences from my usual social circles, home with the baby for 10 months nursing 24/7, and switching jobs, etc., I've found that I was maintaining some friendships for the wrong reasons.  And also maintaining friendships that impacted me negatively.  In those months home with baby, I have found some really great friends too :-) 

I did a little friend clean up on my facebook account a few weeks ago.  I realized that some people you friend simply want to cyber stalk you.  They got the facebook friend guillotine. Now i'm trying to concentrate the friend free time I have, whether it's for a coffee, a long evening chat, etc, to people that have really been true friends.  I hope that I'm as good to my friends as they have been to me.  I feel so blessed to have good people around me to support me through all my ups and downs this past year.  I'm going to try to give all that goodness back :-)

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Weight Update

Yo Ladies!

I have been so hyper in the mornings lately.  I just feel energized all day--and I haven't even been drinking that much coffee, just my normal 1 double shot espresso at home in the a.m.  Maybe it's the christmas music keeping me peppy? Maybe it's my metabolism cranked up? Maybe it's the 60% raw diet?

So speaking of the raw diet--man raw fruits and veg dont' fill you up.  Your stomach wrenches all day begging for bread or cheese...or a large pizza!! You fight through it, eat another apple and some water and wait for your one cooked meal of the day! lol  I know Jess knows what i'm talking about here.

We went to a Thanksgiving potluck last Saturday at my friends and I ate so much food!  It was so nice to go mingle with friends sans baby.  I love my kid, but sometimes it's nice to mingle and chat with adults without chasing her and having climb all over me.  So the party was nice.....but the next day I had gained a pound! Geesh.  So I worked really hard Monday and Tuesday to eat 60% raw and workout.

Saturday I ran sprints, Sunday I did a mile trial (and cut over 1 minute off my  mile!!!) and yesterday I did a "recovery non-running workout"  which was the elliptical.  Man, the elliptical KILLED me.  I had to keep telling myself to just suffer through the 30 minute workout.  I used to think the elliptical was an "easy" workout and running was hard. No a 3-4 mile jog is easy and enjoyable and the elliptical blew.  I don't know how Courtney does 1 hour a day on that thing--god bless you preggo lady!

So this morning I was 182.0 lbs!!!! lowest yet!!!!  Go Me!!!  Can you sense my enthusiasm!?  Today I am doing an interval training session and Thursday is a long 5 mile run before the turkey feast!

I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving.  I'm going to do a little photo session with my mom and Mimi thursday in her fall dress--hope to post some nice ones!

Friday, November 19, 2010

Why do men drop weight without having to work at it!?

Why is my husband losing weight!? Every morning we both get up and pee and weigh ourselves (sorry if TMI lol) and then we announce our weights to each other.  We've both been losing weight steadily for the last two months or so.  Here's the difference though---I ACTUALLY WORK MY ASS OFF! This is so frustrating!  I run 4 days a week, watch what I eat, eat mostly raw foods, he eats junk, late night snacks, and goes out to each lunch most of the week...oh and HE DOESN"T EVEN WORKOUT!  So I had this little mini goal way back when I started getting serious about weightloss to get below his weight (which has happend twice for like a day).  Yes I know, most women weigh less than their husbands...anyway....every time I get close to his weight, he drops 5 lbs.  I've been hovering around my new plateau of 183 and (although this am I was 182.6) and he was....wait for it......179 lbs! He's killing me!  By the way we're both 5'10"

anyway, here's me today wearing a cardigan from Jess :-)  On  Fridays we dress down (more so when bossman is gone) and we all are wearing jeans today.  God, see how I still have  gut!? GRRRRRR
I don't know if it's because I'm hormonal, but I am feeling really down about the way I look these last few days.  Please don't take that statement as me fishing for positive comments--yes I know I'm skinnier, but I'm not happy about my shape right now.  Oh let's now forget the great acne I'm getting now that I'm off BC.  Thanks mother nature.

So how is my raw diet transition going? Going well, been about 50% raw so far.  Yesterday I was all raw except for some dairy products and a tortilla.  I'll take that.  Today so far I'm 100% raw (but only since I've had breakfast and morning snack).  We'll see what lunch and dinner bring.  I finished week one of Fastest 5K, today I start Week 2 with a "hard run."  I think I'll try to get er done before dinner.  So far the program has challenged me, I ran 3.8 miles instead of 3.1 on my "normal" run day.  This week I am going to stretch a lot more though so my muscles aren't as sore.  Have a great weekend, I have some cute Mimi photos to upload but the camera's at home.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Body Image

I was talking with one of favorite people last night (who happens to be preggers again :-) !!) and we were chatting about body image.  In fact i've had chats about "body image" with a few of my friends this week.  It seems to be on women's minds a lot.  Getting "skinny" or "fit" seems to be on a lot of woman's "to do lists."  I know it's near the top of mine.  Infact, my husband and my friend's husband were even chatting about the kind of body's they want their woman to have lol!

I've been having a problem lately dealing with my change in size.  I went shopping last week to buy some new dresspants, the size 16 (and some 14) size pants were like potato sacks on me.  So I go to the Gap Outlet, to get some cheap dress pants for work, and what size did I buy? I frickin 14.  I grabbed some pants, tried them on, and they were loose, but not falling off, so I bought them.  I get home, put them on one day and my husband says "Dude I thought you bought new pants, those are huge on you!"  For some reason I was afraid to get the smaller size.  I actually could have fit into a 12.  I didn't even try that size.  I am just so used to being huge, that I was like "no way am I really a 12"  So now I have pants that are slightly less potato sack.  I think also, because I've been wearing over-sized pants for awhile now, I'm used to having some room you know? Like after having a baby you still LOVE your frickin maternity pants cause they are oh-so-comfy.  You're afraid to have an actual button on your waist.   Well I'm done with the big clothes.  I cleaned out my closet.  I tossed some, donated some, and made a pile to get altered (when I have some extra cash).  From now on I am going to get my real size.

So my husband has also lost quite a bit of weight.  He's now weighing in at 181!!!! What the frack!? Every time I get close to his weight he loses 5 lbs.  He's looking so slim these days.  I was telling Courtney that even his watch is too big for him.  His pants are falling off of him too.  We have decided we're hitting the after Christmas sales and getting some clothes that fit us.

I want to congratulate Jess on her recent weight loss.  She is looking AMAZING.

I want to congratulate Courtney on her pregnancy and weightloss! AND yes , depending on your bodytype and nutrition, you CAN end up losing weight while pregnant.  I lost 6 lbs my first trimester and Mimi was over 8lbs folks.  You can also work out safely throughout your pregnancy, as long as you were working out at that level at least 6 months prior to becoming pregnant and have your docs blessing.  So keep up the good work Court!  I'm overjoyed for you.

I want to also congratulate my friend Grace on being 4 months preggo and only gaining a few pounds!  She is walking and keeping active too.  But why is she not bloggin!?

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Saturday Bliss

Farmer's Market trip today :-)
Boy did we get stuff done today! We got up and at em' at 7:30 am, hit the farmers market, post office, and did errands.  We moved around our bedroom furniture (and deep cleaned the whole room).  We raked and leaf-blowed the front lawn, did other yardwork, I went running, and my friend made me a nice and healthy dinner.  I'm going to do a vlog reviewing the new running program I started today, and do some laundry and cuddle up with a chic flic.  Nice Saturday.

My yummy almost raw lunch

Mimicans eating pizza and pineapple for lunch

Friday, November 12, 2010

Some Health Changes

Hey Ladies,

Just wanted to do a general health update for those you who are interested.  I've been really motivated lately to not only lose weight, but to clean up my diet and lifestyle in general.  If you look at my health track record and family history, you can see why this might concern me.  Let's take a look:

Father's Family                                                                                  Mother's Family
Grandmother--Heart disease, type 2 diabetes                                    Grandmother--pancreatic cancer
Grandfather--Heart disease                                                               Grandfather--Heart disease                                                
Uncle-type 2 diabetes                                                                       Aunt--Ovarian Cancer
                                                                                                        Mother--High blood pressure, high

My husband jokes that I use our insurance enough for the both of us.  I've had 2 knee surgeries, Shingles, been diagnosed with IBS.....He's right, I have issues that bring me to my GP's office at least once per month.  In fact, I met my deductible MONTHS ago.

A lot of my friends don't understand why I'm so driven to loose weight and be healthy.  They tease me for knowing how many calories are in everything.  I told my one friend I wanted to lose 15-20 more lbs and she said "From where!?"    I know what a healthy weight is for me and I think my approach is a healthy, rational approach to losing weight and being healthy.

The most logical approach to losing weight is to expend more calories then you take it.  If you do this, you WILL lose weight.  So if you eat only icecream, but you keep your total calories of icecream under 1200 a day, you will lose weight.  Is that healthy--I would have to say probably not....

Think of food as fuel for your body.  When you're trying to lose weight, fuel with body with calories that are choc full of fiber, vitamins, water, nutrients, etc., not diet products that are made of chemicals, filler, and artificial sweeteners.  Way back in the day when I tried weight-watchers, I was really turned off by all the diet products they push.  Yes, they teach you to stay below a calorie intake (ie your points), but they advocate not only their diet products, but a heep of others.  So I guess my point is that I not only want to reduce my calorie intake to lose weight, but I want to fuel my body with foods that are less (or not even) processed, and not full of artificial sweeteners and fillers.  I'm been dabbling with the idea of going 60% Raw.  What he the heck as am talking about? The raw food diet is a diet based on unprocessed and uncooked plant foods, such as fresh fruit and vegetables, sprouts, seeds, nuts, grains, beans, nuts, dried fruit, and seaweed.  I say 60% raw because it's unrealistic (to me) to think that I could eat 100% raw and get the nutrients I need, and enjoy meals with my family (who would not be eating raw).  I want to attempt to have a raw breakfast, snacks, and lunch whenever possible.  I don't think a 100% raw diet would be healthy for me either because it is not recommended for people who are anemic, pregnant, or nursing.  I'm not pregnant or nursing now obviously, but I want to be in the next year, so why adopt a lifestyle change that doesn't fit with those parts of my life?  I also tend to be anemic due to my reduced meat consumption (I only eat 1-2 servings of meat weekly).  

The other big step I'm taking to be a healthier me is going off of hormone-based birth control.  I have not been off my hornmone-based birthcontrol for 3 weeks and I already feel healthier.  The birth control made me feel "not like myself" in so many ways.  I know I know, I should try different pills, blah blah blah. I have.  I'm done with them.  I have starting tracking my ovulation based on my basal body temperature and my bodies natural cues (along with the use of condoms), I feel like this is the best approach for me.

So I think I've hit my new plateau weight, lol.  I had been hovering at 185/186 for weeks, now I'm hovering at 183.  Here's something I haven't addressed in awhile--My Self-Imposed Christmas Challenge--how am I doing?


Question for you all...Do I need to re-evaluate my goal again?  I originally had my goal set to 160, after talking with my doctor, he feels like 170 is a more realistic goal for me.  I do want to eventually get to 160-165, but would 170 be a more realistic goal for me for this challenge?

   So this is what my new goals would look like.  I feel like "re-evaluating" my goals is a nice way so saying "let's make it easier for me" but I truly think sometimes we can set unrealistic goals in the first place, or we encounter issues along the way which hinder our expected results.

I think I also need to take into account the muscle mass I may be building running 12 miles a week.  We all know "muscle weighs more than fat..."

Well this was a long drawn-out post all about my diet and weightloss.  Sorry If I bored you all.

Tomorrow I am starting a new running program to improve my 5K time. It's a 6 week program designed to help you sheer minutes off your 5K time.  I don't know if my goal right now is to get faster, or run farther.  But this new program will keep me running strong (haha PUN) through Christmas, maybe even helping me reach my "re-evaluated" goal!

I wish you all the best on your goals!

I want to send out a special virtually hug to someone--you know who you are..:-)

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Ups and Downs

So if you've been following me on my 10 day Crazy Weightloss Challenge sponsored by Kyleandcourt, then today was day 10.  I had a great 10 days.  I worked out 4 times a week (ran 3.5 miles atleast 3-4 days a week), made healthy choices, learned the regret that comes with weekend weightgain, made new friends via the challenge, and DROPPED below my plateau weight!!!

These past 10 days proved challenge in my non-Crazy Weightloss Challenge life with work and home. We travelled twice, all got sick, and I endured some pressure cooker type things at work that gave me heartburn (and/or and ulcer).

Today I was 183.  That is 2-3 lbs below my plateaued weight of 185/186.  Only 2-3 lbs you say?!  Well--in 10 days that's pretty good.  Just think of how awesome I would have done if I didn't' pig out last weekend!  I'm happy with the weightloss. I'll take that.

Another great thing was switching up my running to 4 times per week.  I had been on a 3 times per week routine for 3 months.  Amping it up to 4 has become the norm now.   Also--very exciting....the maker of 5k101 has selected me to be one of the 10 people to try out his new "Your Fastest 5K" Program that he will be putting out soon.  He wanted 6-10 people who had successfully completed his program to try this program out and track their results and give feedback.  Well Todd--I am PSYCHED.  You should look for some videos and blogs from me these next 6 or 7 weeks talking about my progress.  I also just signed up for my 2nd 5K, a reindeer run on December 2nd ( I know random Thur night right?).  My friend Patty who inspired me to do 5K101 is running with me, it's her first 5K, even though she was weeks ahead of me in the program.

Other news? Well Mimicans is over 15 months now. Time for her update, I think I'll do that separately maybe tomorrow.  I have off tomorrow so I am going to be on a rampage spending quality time with Mimi, cleaning and doing laundry, and running of course cause I'm ADDICTED.

For your viewing pleasure....some photos from last weekend's trip to see Mimi's godparents.

Nice Static Hair Eh?

Goes down slides all by herself now

Parenting of the year award goes too...no she didn't really drink it, we let her play with the bottle...

Tricia playing with Mimi in playground tunnel

How can you not love kids in overalls!?

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Weekend Diet Fail

I am afraid to weigh myself.  I was 182.8 the morning that I left to go to a friends for the weekend.  I am deathly afraid to step on that scale to see how much weight I gained on this weekend of feasting!!! I ran while I was there but not nearly as hard to combat the all friggin' day snacking that occurred.

I think tomorrow I'll probably shed some regretful tears.

I tried to watch the snacking and the "drinking of calories" but it was so hard!  I had this insatiable hunger all weekend, either as a leftover side effect from the prednisone or the cold weather.  I'm going to work hard this week to make up for the over indulging.

I'll do a longer post tomorrow, gotta do laundry and hit the hay.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Fat babies

My friend Grace always said to me you know you have baby fever (or pregnancy fever) when everywhere you turn you see pregnant woman.  Those pregnant woman were always there, you just never noticed them before.  Well she must have been seeing a lot of them cause she's pregnant now :-) My other friend Courtney says she has "family fever" where she invisions her future life with all her little Kyle and Court Mini Me's all around her.

What about me? 1.5 years after giving birth to Mimi and all I see everywhere are adorable FAT babies! I don't envy pregnant woman, or desire to be pregnant right now. Don't get me wrong, I click on the Maternity link on Gap.com and check out the chique preggos there, but I'm happy getting skinnier right now rather than more robust!  But when I see little fat babies in Moby wraps and infant car seats and on blogs posts like this one all I want to do is have anther fat baby to nurse and cuddle.
 I miss her littleness :-(

Besides enjoying my new smaller self, what keeps me from having another baby right now?  Mostly money.   My friend Julie always tells me "Just have another baby, you'll find the money."  She had her daughter when she was in her mid thirties and tells me one of her big regrets is not having more kids when she was younger and still able to.  Yes you do "find the money."  If you've followed my blog for awhile, you know my daughter was a "delightful surprise" or and "unplanned blessing."  All great euphemisms for unplanned pregnancy.  We had to change up our lifestyle alot to accomodate or beautiful daughter in our life.  I would never change my path to today for anything, but that doesn't mean I would get pregnant again and believe that we'll "find the money."

So I'll just have to keep drooling over other people's fat babies and push back my emotional side for my more rational side.

Feeling Like Death-

Today I set my alarm for 5:50am to get up and run.  Knowing I had to work late tonight, I wanted to make sure I got in my run.  When the alarm when off, I slammed snooze and went back to bed.  At 7:15am (now going to be late for work) I had to force myself out of bed.  My head ached, my back ached, my body ached, I felt dizzy and queasy.  Think I'm sick?

Oh but I am at work because I DON'T HAVE SICK LEAVE.  I dragged my sorry butt in the shower, threw on some clothes (not quite office attire but don't care) and dragged my sorry self to my horrible desk.  Today I'm armed with ginger-ale and a sad sick look.  I don't know if I'll make it through the whole day--but I'm here now clocked in and that's what matters.   What sucks when you don't allow your employees sick leave or work from home, they bring in their germs and sit at their desk unproductive trying not to barf on their computers.

I did lose a pound so there is some + news today.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Wedding Weekend Madness (Brother in Law's CA wedding)

Mimi before the ceremony--

Our little family complete with Grumpy (no nap) baby. 
After 14 hours on flying, we arrived in Santa Barbara, CA for my brother in law's wedding.  He was actually married 1 1/2 years ago, but this was their "wedding."  He married a Philippine woman with a very traditional family.  The weekend was full of events and customs that were a little different than we were used to.    This was the first time the two families had met.  They had rented a mansion in Santa Barbara where both sides of the families stayed during the weekend.

Our visit was short (arrived Friday night and left Sunday morning), but we made the best of the short amount of time and fit in a lot of family fun.  We didn't' get to spend too much time with the bride and groom but the extended family got to spend lots of time with Mimilicious.  She didn't get much sleep, but she was loved and kissed to death.

Friday night she played and crashed. After she went to bed we all went and sat in the hottub and had a nice time.  It was really nice to relax in the hot tub after being on that plane all day.  Saturday Mimi woke up before dawn, we kept her quiet and went outside and saw the sunrise and I went running before the rest of the house woke up.  There was so much action going on in the kitchen all morning. I always loved the buzz of big family get togethers.  They scrambled 30 eggs (12 people) and made a mountain of waffles and people feasted and drank coffee all morning in their jammies.  My husband's family and us escaped the commotion for the early afternoon and took in downtown Santa Barbara, which was gorgeous.  Mimi got carried around the town by her aunts and uncles all morning (my husband is the oldest of 5).  When we got back I tried to give Mimi a nap before the ceremony, but there was too much noise and commotion going on with the ceremony preparations, so I gave up after 45 minutes of trying and just got her fed and dressed.  It was fun to get all gussied up.  I wore a wine-colored silk dress I got on cleareance from JCrew for $34.99 and my husband was the best man and wore a shirt and tie that matched my dress.

The involvement of our side of the family was a little disappointing.  With all their traditions, from food to traditional clothing, they didn't let us be included, so our family felt really left out. Even with Mimi...she was supposed to be a "flower girl." They said to just bring a white dress with us, but when we got there, they had 3 other flowergirls that had matching blue dresses, headpieces, and baskets, all form the bride's side of the family(see photo).  Then the didn't include Mimi in any of the photos.  Turns out Mimi was the "ring bearer." The inclusion of our daughter was so obviously an afterthought that I wish they hadn't of put me through the trouble. I would have been less offended if they just hadn't asked.  Afterall Mimi is only 1, she wont' remember.  I'll remember how they didn't want my daughter in their precious photos.  This was only the "icing on the cake" so to speak of how our side of the family was delicately ostracized.  You could tell my inlaws felt it too.  I won't dwell on this anymore, it makes me upset how the couple and the bride's family treated my husband's family.

In the end, we got to see my husband's family, which was really nice especially considering the passing of his grandfather last month.  The family came together and spend some really nice quality time and that's all that mattered.

With Aunti Al, who Mimi gets her middle name from

My husband with his dad and youngest brother

Mimi the "ring bearer"

Jumping on the trampoline in a dress :-)

Mimi in the kitchen with Nana and Aunt Al

Days 1-3 of Courtney's 10 Day Challenge (But I guess Monday is Day 1)

See previous post to know what the hey I'm talking about....

So even though I don't think her 10-day challenge doesn't start until today, I started Saturday.

This was an extra challenge because we were travelling and at a wedding all weekend in Santa Barbara for my brother-in-law's wedding.  Travelling and being out of my routine in general are big downfalls for me diet and exercise wise...so how did I do?

Saturday morning I we awoke in a strange room in a mansion in Santa Barbara, Mimi being on eastcoast time woke up before dawn, which would have been 9am our time, so can you really blame her?  Well since no one else in the house was up before dawn, my husband, Mimi and I went out and watched the sunrise by the pool and enjoyed some bananas and grapes after our sunset watch.  I took advantage of a happy baby and a house full of sleeping people and I went for a run.  So you all know I live in Florida right? You all know that the highest elevation in Florida is about 50m and there are NO hills/mountains right? Well see Santa Barabara's hillside that I ran up and down in the background of this photo...
So I ran down said hill/mountainside to the main road, ran a few miles to downdown on a more gently sloping road, then ran back up said hill/mountainside.  Why put myself through this torture (and it kind of was) well for Courtney of course! Just kidding, I did it because I knew later that day there would be food galore and cake to boot!  I also am committed to fitting exercise in my lifestyle regardless of travel and broken routines.  I got back from my run right as everyone else was getting up and making a "mountain" of waffles.  Instead of gorging on waffles Mimi and I shared an apple and I had some scrambled eggs, water, and coffee.  I opted to not get my drink on at all during the trip/wedding except for one glass of champagne.  I find that the dehydration of air travel mixed with alcohol is not worth the pleasure of being tipsy.

Sunday my healthy choices included drinking TONS of water, a banana walnut muffin, and some vegetables and noodles.  For being on airplanes all day and in airports filled with fast food, I feel like I did well.  We also did plenty of walking around the Miami an Los Angeles airport yesterday.

Monday--so the official start day right?  Well the day is young!  I started my day off by getting barfed on by my daughter who undoubtedly picked up a stomach virus from licking and touching stuff all around the airport despite my sani wipes at hand.  Now that she's peacefully sleeping on her baby tylenol, I ran to the store while my husband stayed home with her and got all sorts of upset tummy friendly foods for her and healthy (and cheap) home-cooked meals for us for the week.  We spend $49 dollars and got a week's worth (well until Friday probably) of groceries with plenty of fruits, veggies and whole grains.  Mimi will probably be eating bananas and toast today poor thing.  In a few hours I"m going to go run 3.5 miles and enjoy every minute of flat Florida.

So was this what I was supposed to do? Share my healthy choices?  I think I did alright.  In the midst of cleaning up vomit this morning I missed my morning weigh-in and can't report my weight for Monday.  Will do it tomorrow!

Now I'll do another post about the wedding....