Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Weight Update

Yo Ladies!

I have been so hyper in the mornings lately.  I just feel energized all day--and I haven't even been drinking that much coffee, just my normal 1 double shot espresso at home in the a.m.  Maybe it's the christmas music keeping me peppy? Maybe it's my metabolism cranked up? Maybe it's the 60% raw diet?

So speaking of the raw diet--man raw fruits and veg dont' fill you up.  Your stomach wrenches all day begging for bread or cheese...or a large pizza!! You fight through it, eat another apple and some water and wait for your one cooked meal of the day! lol  I know Jess knows what i'm talking about here.

We went to a Thanksgiving potluck last Saturday at my friends and I ate so much food!  It was so nice to go mingle with friends sans baby.  I love my kid, but sometimes it's nice to mingle and chat with adults without chasing her and having climb all over me.  So the party was nice.....but the next day I had gained a pound! Geesh.  So I worked really hard Monday and Tuesday to eat 60% raw and workout.

Saturday I ran sprints, Sunday I did a mile trial (and cut over 1 minute off my  mile!!!) and yesterday I did a "recovery non-running workout"  which was the elliptical.  Man, the elliptical KILLED me.  I had to keep telling myself to just suffer through the 30 minute workout.  I used to think the elliptical was an "easy" workout and running was hard. No a 3-4 mile jog is easy and enjoyable and the elliptical blew.  I don't know how Courtney does 1 hour a day on that thing--god bless you preggo lady!

So this morning I was 182.0 lbs!!!! lowest yet!!!!  Go Me!!!  Can you sense my enthusiasm!?  Today I am doing an interval training session and Thursday is a long 5 mile run before the turkey feast!

I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving.  I'm going to do a little photo session with my mom and Mimi thursday in her fall dress--hope to post some nice ones!


Jess Craig said...

dude! you're doing soooooooo good!

laurapile said...

Reading your blog is motivating! I am good for staying active it's the food that's killer for me! Being home all day the temptation is every where!

Congrats on the weight loss! Go you!