Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Fat babies

My friend Grace always said to me you know you have baby fever (or pregnancy fever) when everywhere you turn you see pregnant woman.  Those pregnant woman were always there, you just never noticed them before.  Well she must have been seeing a lot of them cause she's pregnant now :-) My other friend Courtney says she has "family fever" where she invisions her future life with all her little Kyle and Court Mini Me's all around her.

What about me? 1.5 years after giving birth to Mimi and all I see everywhere are adorable FAT babies! I don't envy pregnant woman, or desire to be pregnant right now. Don't get me wrong, I click on the Maternity link on and check out the chique preggos there, but I'm happy getting skinnier right now rather than more robust!  But when I see little fat babies in Moby wraps and infant car seats and on blogs posts like this one all I want to do is have anther fat baby to nurse and cuddle.
 I miss her littleness :-(

Besides enjoying my new smaller self, what keeps me from having another baby right now?  Mostly money.   My friend Julie always tells me "Just have another baby, you'll find the money."  She had her daughter when she was in her mid thirties and tells me one of her big regrets is not having more kids when she was younger and still able to.  Yes you do "find the money."  If you've followed my blog for awhile, you know my daughter was a "delightful surprise" or and "unplanned blessing."  All great euphemisms for unplanned pregnancy.  We had to change up our lifestyle alot to accomodate or beautiful daughter in our life.  I would never change my path to today for anything, but that doesn't mean I would get pregnant again and believe that we'll "find the money."

So I'll just have to keep drooling over other people's fat babies and push back my emotional side for my more rational side.

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Grace said...

Mimi still has a good deal of littleness and chub left in her! I think you are smart in just enjoying the chub left on her and the lack of it on yourself for awhile! Besides, in six months, you'll be able to hold and play with a little newborn, without having to stay up with one all night!