Monday, March 29, 2010

What a week....

Oh Mimalicious--I love you more than anything....
Since I did not let myself do any social media stuff this week (minus two slip ups :-)) I kept a little post going of my CRAZY busy week.

On Monday I went shopping with my friend Kim and was even more inspired to get a job (ie bigger paycheck) when I sat my fat but on my dream couch at Potterybarn. I was further inspired to get a bigger paycheck when I browsed DSW, Anthropology, and Banana Republic---okay, so having nice stuff isn't a big deal--but that couch---I WILL have that couch someday :-) We were gone from 10am until 7pm and Mimi was such a shopping champ. She ate lunch at PF Chang's, strolled around all day, and conveniently slept all the way to Jacksonville and back! I met a mom at BabyGap with a baby that was 8 months that also weighed 20 lbs and I felt relieved that there are more 20 pounders out there--sometimes I meet moms with these tiny babies smaller than mine and think "what am I doing wrong!? why is my kid giganto!? Do I overfeed her!? Am I a bad mom!?"

Tuesday I only got to see Mimalicious for about 20 minutes the entire day! I worked on my dissertation 9 straight hours and only took 20 minutes to get a sandwich at subway. I had some seriously thoughts about how nice it would be to be a stay at home mom--even if I've spent 10 years in college and grad school to work towards my career--don't even care--spending time with Mimi is more fulfilling than any job I could ever have! Too bad the budget won't allow :-(

Wednesday was a crazy day. I did have two random things to share from wednesday...
-Read an article with Jenny McCarthy stating her son was "undiagnosed" with autism....what? can you be undiaganosed with autism? Did she not make a fortune selling books about her son having autism?
-Also--I was in the shower Wednesday night and wondered...."Is Johnson's & Johnson's baby shampoo really tear-free?" Yes peeps--I smeared a bunch of suds in my eye--not so much as a sting of irritation--on a side note I washed my hair with it for kicks and it cleans pretty nicely! lol

It's now Thursday--which to me is pretty much the end of my week. I had to teach today, so I spent the morning with Mimi, which so so precious and relaxing, just playing with her all morning. This was her this morning playing in a laundry basket while I prepped stuff to cook dinner later. She is wearing a romper my mother in law bought that the weather is just now warm enough for her to wear--except she can barely fit into it! lol Oh well--save it for another baby I guess.
My friend Kim graciously offered to watch her from 10-4 so I could teach without paying the babysitter--thank you so much! I love leaving her with Kim, I know she is doted on all day and kissed 1000 times, just I like I would. Tonite I did a 5.6 mile walk again (Thanks Grace!) in hopes of shedding THE 2 LBS I"VE GAINED THIS WEEK!!! WTF!?

I'm feeling really discouraged and tired of trying and working to lose weight. I feel like it's such an uphill battle. Why is it so easy for some and not others?--Don't answer that, I know the answer. Tomorrow I will go to the gym and keep trying, keep working, keep running uphill (not literally--well maybe that wouldn't hurt). My friend says my blog has too many posts about losing weight--What else would you guys like to know about me besides being a stressed out overweight mom with a cute pudgy baby?

Sorry for the melancholy post--I have some stressful stuff going on that makes me grumpy I guess---

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Avoiding Weekend Weightgain

Hey Ladies,

I hate when I work hard all week to watch my calories and stay active to only sabotage myself on the weekends. On the weekends I tend to exercise less due to busy social-type events, compounded with the fact that most social events include food or drinks! I know the answer is obvious--don't overeat on the weekends--sometimes it's hard though! I gained a lb between Friday morning's weigh-in and this morning' my friend and I took a 5.6 mile walk--pretty good for us--we normally do 3.3 miles. Today I ate sensibly, so I hope by tomorrow morning I'm back to 204 (or 203.8 which I was at the end of last week).

I have to say though, other than the extra pound I packed on, I had a great weekend with my family. Saturday we went to our friend's lakehouse for brunch. It was beautiful and sunny and Mimi behaved herself so well--she only mildly attacked their cat and knocked over some books on a coffee table. We sat our on their dock for awhile in the warm sunshine. Having grown up on a lake and being a Limnologist I would love to live on a lake someday--too bad the property taxes would keep me from it--atleast here in FL! Saturday night I went to my friend's Lesbian Variety show--very interesting experience, it was your basic variety show where the proceeds went to charity, except my two friends and I were the only 3 straight women in the auditorium--they actually shined a spotlight on us, lol. What a great community of people though--they seem to all support each other and have a lot of fun. After the variety show I went to my friend's birthday party---she's a 24 year-0ld college kid with a lot of 21 and 22 year-old friends, so all of in our normal 28 year-old group felt a little old surrounded by beer pong and jello shots (don't get me wrong--I am damn good at beer pong--and flip cup for that matter), but we all had a good time regardless--

Today we've just hung out and done chores and errands--nice relaxing stuff.

This week I am barring myself from youtube, facebook, blogger and twitter. I think I've been using it all as a distraction from work I have to get done. When I have an hour at night when Mimi's asleep I've been watching videos (and making them) instead of taking that extra bit of time to work on my dissertation. I know non-work distractions are healthy and normal, but I really need to buckle down and get the first chapter of my disseration written and submitted to a journal.

My goals this week are to:
1. Finish the first paper of my thesis to give to my advisor to review
2. Go to the gym ATLEAST twice for some higher level cardio and weights
3. Walk 5 days a week or a total of 15 miles this week.
4. Take a break from the online mom community (even though I love you guys!) to get reconnected with my work

I hope you all have a great week. I'll miss your videos, tweets, and random photos (Jess Craig :-))


Friday, March 26, 2010

Random Post

Here is me with my Michael Jackson white iridescent legs (my husband took this picture) and Mimi helping me cook dinner

Fridays kind of suck around here. We're all so tired from the week, we usually just chill. We have plans the rest of the weekend, so I guess chillin' in for the night isn't bad.

This week's been kind of crazy. I was busy everyday....all day... with no real downtown from morning til' night. Mimi also has decided to wake up at 7am instead of 8am. This is totally fine---it just takes adjustment. Some mornings she sleeps in until 8:30--those mornings rock. We put her to bed around 8pm--usually between 7:45 and 8:15 pm.

I have gotten over my fear of using the at-gym free daycare. When she was really little, before she went to daycare at all, I was like "no way am I letting a stranger watch my tiny newborn baby....and all those germs! She'll get sick...blah blah blah" Shortly after she was 5 months she started part time daycare at my friends home licensed daycare and of course she started swapping spit and coodies with all the other kids and she's had sniffles and stuff ever since. I think in the end it's all worth it for several reasons---
1. She gets to socialize (and get exposed to the germs) with other kids
2. She loves the different toys and change of scenary
3. Her immune system is building stronger with each little cold virus
4. I get to go to work and use my brain and feel good--therefore enjoying the days I do spend with her

They don't change diapers at the gym daycare--this is actually a good thing--no diapers---no fecal contamination. If your kid has a blowout they actually call you over the intercom and ask you to come and "take care of it" lol. I've been using it 2 or 3 days a week now for the last two weeks. I was thinking to myself==she can either be stuck in a stroller for an hour or get to play with cool toys while I workout. I know stroller rides are good too--and I do take her for walks regularly--but she won't sleep in the stroller really and if we go during the day I worry about her getting burned, even with the sunshade up, not to mention bored. So I've been getting in 40 minute workouts on the bike and/or Elliptical machine with some weights to work out my quadriceps and arms. I also have been walking 3.3 miles ~5 times a week with my friend. I've started running again--will save this for another post.

My weight stats to far:
I'm 5'10"
Highest weight (not pregnant) 245lbs *ugh*
Pre-pregnancy 218
Gained 31 lbs while pregnant

Current weight at 8 months post partum 204 (this morning I was 203.8 but I round up)
Goal weight 165lbs

I'm not embarrassed to put those numbers up there--It makes me realize and admit how large I was and it motivates me to keep truckin'

Clothes I haven't worn in 6 years are fitting me. I feel so awesome about it--having pants that I used to not even be able to pull past my thighs fit is crazy, inspiring, and motivating me. It's like I went shopping for new clothes--but they were free and already in my closet!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

St. Patty's, Bows, and Weight Update

Hey Ladies :-)

Hope you all had a wonderful St. Patrick's Day! We had a pretty low-key day, but celebrated all the same. Mimi went to daycare and all her boyfriends were waiting for her to see if she wore her green! She is the youngest at the daycare. There are 4 boys (all over 1 but under 3) and two girls, (Mimi ~8mths, Isabella ~12mths), so we call the boys her boyfriends. They are so cute with her, they get excited when she comes (I'm usually the last to drop off) and they do her hair and tickle her and play with her all day.

When we got home we had Corned beef, Cabbage and Mashed potatoes--Mimi had a feast as well!--she had green beans, mashed potatoes and applesauce mixed with prunes and oatmeal. I'd never seen her eat so much! I'm glad though, I'm pretty slack with adding the Poly Visol vitamins to her food and breastmilk is not suffient in Iron and Vitamin D after 6 months--so atleast she is eating a variety of fruits and veggies--My husband and I dropped her off at my friend Grace's after dinner and we went to see "Ben Folds and a Piano" at the perfoming arts center on campus uf $17! Cheapo date. It was okay--I don't really know a lot of his solo music--or the music from his band (Ben Fold Five) but I enjoyed it.

Let me tell you--trading babysitting with Grace with the best idea she's ever had---it seriously saves a bundle and makes it possible for us to go out occasionally without going broke. With me on a graduate student stipend with a house, car payment, mortgage etc--there's not a lot left over usually in the "entertainment" section of our budget. So when you consider having to pay a babysitter 9-10 $/hour to go out on top of what it costs you to eat out, get drinks, or see a movie, it ends up costing a lot for an evening alone. So it's nice to have a friend to do that with. We take turns watching each others kids for 3-4 hours at a time. My friend Kim also moved really close to me and is always begging to take Mimi for us, so hopefully when she gets settled too we'll get to do a little more. Plus it's a bonus that it's a friend watching her instead of a babysitter.

I went to see my orthopedic surgeon today and I am cleared to do ANYTHING! I am completely healed with no motion restriction and NO MORE PT! yeah!!! I think I may start running again after I lose a little more weight. I'd like to work up to running 2-3 mile 3 or 4 times a week. Nothing crazy--- In other Jen news--This morning I was 205 lbs! Reminder--I was 218 when I got pregnant--so this is good news---My ULTIMATE goal is to get to 165--this would bring me to a BMI of 23--which is in the normal range. Click the link on BMI and calculate yours too--- Right now i'm a 29.4 YIKES so I am at the top end of the "overweight" category---but at my highest weight not being pregnant, which was 245--I was a 35! Obese! Ugh--that word is so ugly. This morning I tried to put on a pair of Jeans that I bought about 3 years ago and had to squeeze myself into--guess what!? They were so big, they literally fell off even with a belt--seriously unbelievable--and all I do is watch my portions, watch the sweets, no soda, walk 3-4 miles 5 days a week--well breastfeeding helps of course--which I'm still pumping pumping pumping--cause Mimi doesn't drink all that I have. I may actually end up doing a large milk donation again. If I can do it--you can! I'm actually going to clean out my closet when Mimi wakes up today--that's right lol, my closet is in my daughter's room because our house is so small my husband uses the closet in our room.

Bows--okay y'all, I have been going bow crazy. Etsy is my bank accounts worst nightmare--although I got some great deals and I won some from a youtube giveaway. So far I like birdylu, piggytailboutique, and I just won some from SunshineShoppe which are adorable and very well-made as well. Sunshineshoppe seems a little more expensive--but her stuff comes in larger groupings with headbands and such-- I'm pretty thrifty, so if you are too, but like cute bows check them out!

This is what I won.

Hope everyone is well! If you read my blog but don't "subscribe" leave me a comment if you want so I know who you are and I can check out your blog or youtube page. I really enjoy "keeping up" with all the great people I've "met" through my blog or youtube. What a great community of women.

I'll post again after Mimi's 8 month well chile apt at the dr. monday. She is thinning out and getting taller--I"m excited to see her percentages, etc.


Sunday, March 14, 2010

Ah...Spring :-)

This weekend kind of sucked in some ways, and was beautiful in other ways.

The sucky part would be my husband who is miserable and sick and can barely get off the couch. Poor guy--he very rarely is ever sick, I think I've only ever seen him sick like this once before in the entire time we've known each other. I think he has a pretty nasty sinus infection--his whole face is swollen and he has a horrible sinus headache--although he also has fever, chills and body aches, so I hope it's not the flu--because of course none of us got the flu shot (my husband is against flu shots)! So--there he sits on couch so pathetic looking, refusing to eat, only drinking water and hot tea. I set up a vaporizer for him that he sits and breaths in too. Aside from feeling sorry for him and very empathetic--it sucks because I have to take care of the baby all by myself 24/7, which I had been doing all week while she was sick--I feel like I need a vacation from caring for others!!! Today I have massive loads of laundry and cleaning to do--bleah.

To brighten my day, I took Mimi and we met some friends for Dim Sum in the hoity toity area of town with million dollar homes. I used to babysit for uber rich families over there so I know where all the fancy playgrounds are. We all had dim sum and the kids were so well behaved. Mimi and Dahlia sat so nicely at the table snacking on dumplings and chow mein. We took them to a park afterwards and took some snapshots. Grace helped keep Mimi from eating leaves and I got to snap some cute photos of her daughter, Dahlia ran so fast it was hard to catch her on camera!
After I parted from my friends I put Mimi in her Easter dress and took her over to a really nice park nearby with a beautiful grassy area and gazebo. I snapped 80 photos! lol all of her in her adorable smocked easter dress (bought on ebay for $9.99!!!) with her new bunny and bunny ears from target. I won't post these photos until closer to Easter. They were sooooo cute though--the weather was perfect and sunny and gorgeous. What a fantastic afternoon.

Now we're home and Mimilicious is fast asleep in her crib, tuckered out from all the excitement, my husband is lounging on the couch with a vaporizer looking pitiful, and I have atleast 4 or 5 loads of laundry and some kitchen cleaning calling my name.

Hope you all had a great weekend!!

Friday, March 12, 2010


So Mimi has had this mystery fever since Tuesday this week. What a bad two weeks it has been!

It is "Spring Break" this week for the college kids--which I was looking forward to, not because I was "on break" but because I don't have to teach classes this week and therefore would have more time to do work! Also, I knew a few of parents from the daycare were UF employees and would be on vacation, leaving open spots at the daycare so I could bring Mimi a few extra days this week (especially since my Thursday babysitter is on "Spring Break" lol). BUT--in proper kid fashion, Mimi didn't cooperate with my well-made plans!

Last week I mentioned Mimi had the stomach flu (yuck) and a low-grade fever. That was last Wed/Thur. She was fine all weekend, then Tuesday morning I noticed her head was pretty warm. I took her temp and it was 101.5---that magic number where it's not a low-grade fever and you're supposed to give your pediatrician a call. She had also been congested, so I thought, probably ear infection, no biggy. I took her to the Dr. that morning at 10:20am--by then the tylenol I gave her kicked in and her temp was a cool 98 and I looked like an idiot for bringing her in--especially since they couldn't find ANYTHING wrong with her! They checked her ears, nose, throat, lungs, and even a urine sample--NOTHING. So I took her home, and my husband and I switched shifts--I took the morning off and he took of the afternoon. By the time I came home from work at 6:30pm, the poor kid was HOT as hell and bright red and upset. My husband said she had just woken up for her nap and was fine when he put her down. I called the after hours pediatrician--her temp was 104! They told me to giver her tylenol alterating it with Motrin ever 3 hours and adjusted the dosage to her actual weight (I was giving her too little apparently). They said give her a warm bath, nurse her and take the temp again, if it goes down, it's a virus and not meningitis or anything and we would just have to ride it out. Her fever went down to 102 and I kept her dosed up on the fever reducers. Over the next 3 days, anytime she was coming to the end of her dose of meds, her fever would spike right back up!!!! Geesh---so the pediatrician thinks she has Roseola.

Roseola is a generally mild infection that usually affects children by age 2. It occasionally affects adults. Roseola is extremely common — so common that most children have been infected with roseola by the time they enter kindergarten.

Two common strains of herpes viruses cause roseola. The condition typically causes several days of fever, followed by a rash.

Some children develop only a very mild case of roseola and never show any clear indication of illness, while others experience the full range of symptoms.

Roseola typically isn't serious. Rarely, complications from a very high fever can result. Treatment of roseola includes bed rest, fluids and medications to reduce fever.

So there you go---so the fever has started to break (goes down without constant tylenol) and I have missed an entire week of work. This wouldn't be so bad if I didn't just have an argument with my boss defending how much I am actually at work (after he accused me of never being around), so that sucks.

I had to go take the assessment exam for the job I applied for back in DECEMBER! I scored 15/19, the highest so far out of all the applicants, but I didn't have time to finish the exam--If I had finished I bet I would have aced it! We'll see if I get a one-on-one interview now.

The only good news this week--I now weight 206 lbs! I know what you're thinking--um why are you celebrating being over 200 lbs!? Well--I was 218 when I got pregnant--so 206 is good--I hope to get back down to 175 (what I was when I met my husband when I was 22) and then get a trainer to help me get down to 165 and lose as much bodyfat as necessary to be healthy lean and fit!

Thank you Courtney for being such a positive inspiration and keeping me motivated! Thank you also to my friend Grace who walks with me almost every night and listens to me bitch about my life for 3.3 miles.

Monday, March 8, 2010


Dude--the last week I have been jonsing for chocolate like EVERY night, like an addict, around 9 or 10 pm, I scour the house for some piece of chocolate suitable for human consumption. Awhile back I polished off the rest of the christmas candy, one night I made 2 dozen double chocolate muffins...some nights I make a quick run to the CVS around the corner for a York Peppermint Paddy---I am a choclaholic. The thing is I don't need a lot to satisfy my urges--just a few pieces of 60% dark chocolate hits the spot. I convince myself that it has antioxidants and is good for me. I don't feel bad for eating it, especially since I have been working out at the gym AND walking my hiney off about 3 miles a day!

My friend Kim, one of the kindest and most giving people that has ever entered into my life, just rented a house 1.5 miles from me---so psyched for her. Her reason for moving isn't the most positive (separation from husband after 27 years of marriage), but I'm excited for her to start a new life here. She rented this sweet cottage house with beautiful hard wood floors and a kick ass back yard complete with a hottub that has my name written all over it! She also spoils Mimalicious like the dickens! Anyway---so she moved around the corner from me this past weekend and has yet to equip her kitchen, being the coffee addict she is, she said "can I have some espresso is I come bearing dark chocolate?" YES

So we had a chocolate feast at my kitchen table. You can see my awesome "frumypiest mom of the week outfit" that I am wearing tonite. Complete with vintage T-shirt that was my grandpa's that says "Momma's don't let your babies grow up to drive chevies" and a pair of Athleta Capri's I made the mistake of wearing when I was giganto preggo and now fall off of me--oops--sucks too, they were like 40 dollar capri yoga workout pant things. Ah well......

By the way---I like the Dove chocolate covered almonds the best---mmmmm

My teeth hurt! I am going to go to bed now! :-)

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Things I'm trying not to buy!

I blame Billavonglova for getting me hooked on etsy! Now whenever I'm pumping late at night and bored I surf etsy favoriting (word?) items I think I'll buy on payday! lol This is what you do when you don't have cable--you blog too much, subscribe to strangers youtube pages (however some don't feel so much like strangers anymore :-)) and surf ebay and etsy for chique but affordable baby stuff.

I've already purchased two bows and some hair clip inserts that help the bows stay better from birdylu's page The little white strips she puts her hairbows actually keep them gently held in my baby's hair--ingenious! Her bows are really well made and very affordable--can't beat her shipping either--I think it was 40 cents!
Here are some photos of Mimi with her new bows---they dont' match her outfit but who cares! I'm not that kind of mom anyway! lol

We are all feeling better today--thank god! Mimi and I still have the sniffles, but we're just pumping her full of saline and I just put our vaporizer in her room during her nap to help. With us having the heat on lately the house has been so dry.

Here are things I'm looking to buy soon:
Crochet Beanie with Flower (due to our envy of Sophies' awesome hats)
Ladybug Bloomers (cause she's daddy's little bug)
Cupcake Onesie and Tutu (possible 1st birthday photos)

Have a great weekend!

Friday, March 5, 2010

Holy Crap Balls--bad week

Warning--Feminine issues discussed below---

Okay ladies, for those of you who have had babies---why did you not warn me of this? I guess I understand--I never liked discussing my period--no with my mom, not with friends, definitely not my husband--but someone should have warned me lol!

So after 17 nice long months of not having my period (one awesome perk of pregnancy), I finally started my monthly cycle this past week. HOLY SHIT I was not prepared for this. When I had my c-section I was prepared for some rough weeks of bleeding afterward---and surprisingly mine only lasted one week and it was pretty easy to deal with one or two days post surgery. So I was surprised at how dreadfully awful this whole week has been. I think it was wednesday morning-had some light spotting and thought, oh well finally, after 7 months post baby, I got my period back. By the next day I was doubled over in cramps thinking I was dieing. I remember loading the dishwasher thursday night wincing in agony thinking "they said labor would have been like really bad menstrual cramps...thank god for the c section!!" For the last two days I've had such horrible cramps and bloating it makes pregnancy symptoms look like a walk in the park. Even my husband was like "man you look really bloated" Thanks honey--I needed that.

To make this experience even more pleasant, Mimi came down with some 24 hour stomach flu and barfed EVERYWHERE. On wednesday night I left after putting Mimi to bed at 8:30 to go for a walk with my friend grace (by the way 9.6 miles so far this week!), and when I got back my husband had told me she had awaken and was fussy so he gave her some tylenol because we suspected she was cutting another tooth--the only time she ever awakens at night now is when her teeth bother her. So at 11pm, I heard her crying, and my husband said "don't go in there, she's fine, you'll just get her more stirred up and awake, let her put herself back to sleep." I reluctantly listened, because occasionally I do accidentally wake her up when I check on her. BUT when I snuck in for one last peek at midnight before I hit the hay I felt HORRIBLE for not going in at 11-and will never listen to my friggin husband again--she was curled up on her belly in a pile of puke--her hair was covered in puke, her pajamas were saturated in puke, she was laying in it, the blankets were covered with it, there were piles of puke all around the crib--holy puke armageddon! I felt like such a shit mom for not following my instincts to go in before. Poor baby---fell asleep in her own puke. So I gave her a bath and cleaned her bed up and nursed her a bit and put her back to bed. The next day she did that same thing 2-3 times. It was horrible--not only watching her puke and know it was painful--but having to continuously clean up puke covered stuff all day all the while scared to death my husband and I were next! She also had a 100.7 fever--not terribly high, but still not normal. She's okay now--yesterday the only thing she kept down was 10 minutes of nursing and 3 oz of pedialite. Today she nursed and nursed and nursed all day--it was like having a newborn again--it was all she wanted to do. I loved on her all day and let her nurse for 40 minutes at a time all throughout the day.

I on the other hand--have not stopped eating---I am ashamed to tell you what my hormone induced craze led me to do tonight---after eating somewhat healthy all day (actually all week) I had such a chocolate/icecream craving I ran out to baskin robbins/dunkin donuts while my husband gave Mimi a bath, and not only did I get a double scoop of ice-cream and eat almost all of it---I also got a strawberry iced donut and ate it in the car before I even got home! Jesus Christ what was wrong with me!? I indulge my chocolate addiction now and again--but I haven't been that bad with food in a long long time. I feel sick just thinking about how many calories that was. UGH damn period--

I hope you all had a better week than I did!!!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Hello my friend...It's been awhile

Hello friend, it's been 17 months since we last saw each other. I can't say that I have missed you. We parted on good terms, but I can't say i'm happy you've come back to visit. Thanks for staying away awhile so I could enjoy life with my sweet baby for 7 months.

I guess it's for the best---I always felt kind of weird writing October 16, 2008 (lol) under "LMP" at my recent doctor visits.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

A few products I really liked...

My friend said she was bored at work today and was sad I didn't have a new blog post for her to :-) so I thought I'd make a quick blog post showcasing (that word sounds so fancy) some baby-type products I use/love.

Shown in this link for $33 from
target. Mimi LIVED in this thing until about a month ago when her weight and combined force of bouncing forced me to take it apart, wash it and pack it up for "next time." This is by far, besides my breastpump, the number one thing to buy in my eyes. It was easy to put together, use and keep clean. The toy bar was pretty much useless, but for a short while the music amused her. The toy bar is detachable though. It also vibrates.

2. The Boppy Pillow-I'm sure you need no introduction to this miracle pillow. It was great for nursing, great for propping her up, and it seems my husband liked to lay on it a lot too! lol They are kind of pricey for what they are---a big U-shaped pillow, but I definitely got my money's worth. I bought the pottery barn soft micro fleece covers for the boppy (on ebay of course! hahaha) I just cleaned it and packed it up yesterday for "next time."

3. Graco snugride infant carseat. You go to give it to Graco--the whole snap carseat into stroller frame thing was genius! This carseat is among the top 5 safety rated infant carseats from consumer reports and it's affordable. I bought mine for 80 bucks off of with no tax and free shipping. It came with the base and I bought the Graco snap and go stroller frame from Amazon for about $50.

4. Snugli infant front carrier by Evenflo---I bought this thing on ebay for 99 cents! We have the one made of nylon with the vents. Forward or rear facing, up to 35 lbs!! Just so you know how much I love the cheapo snugli--I also have a baby bijorn, a moby wrap, and a hotsling--and I've tried them all!!! Mimi, me and my husband all LOVE the snugli. Easy to use, easy to wash and it was cheap. Even new it was the cheapest of all the ones I mentioned. I even carried her in it the other night when we went to a roller derby game and she weighs 20 lbs and it still fit her fine. The moby is nice...but...I live in FL so the fabric is too hot for outdoors, plus my husband won't wear that one, so it's all on me to carry her, and it takes practice to use that thing!

5. The First Years Breast Milk Storage System found on amazon for $16.99
This thing ROCKED. I have used it since Mimi was born for storing expressed breastmilk in the freezer. It functions by having a spring-loaded drawer thingy inside that freezer the milk flat, saving space. It also helps keep milk organized by date. The lid doubles as an extra storage container, which after about 25 bags you have to start using the lid for overflow storage. I find that Lansinoh breastmilk bags are THE BEST! Lansinoh bags are affordable, durable, BPA free from "virgin" plastic, and best of all they fit PERFECTLY in the First Years Storage container. If you want to know what happened the one and only time I didn't buy Lansinoh....

There's more but these are things I used the crap out of! lol----

Are there products you couldn't live without or ones you really loved? Let me know!

Thanks for reading ladies :-)