Monday, March 8, 2010


Dude--the last week I have been jonsing for chocolate like EVERY night, like an addict, around 9 or 10 pm, I scour the house for some piece of chocolate suitable for human consumption. Awhile back I polished off the rest of the christmas candy, one night I made 2 dozen double chocolate muffins...some nights I make a quick run to the CVS around the corner for a York Peppermint Paddy---I am a choclaholic. The thing is I don't need a lot to satisfy my urges--just a few pieces of 60% dark chocolate hits the spot. I convince myself that it has antioxidants and is good for me. I don't feel bad for eating it, especially since I have been working out at the gym AND walking my hiney off about 3 miles a day!

My friend Kim, one of the kindest and most giving people that has ever entered into my life, just rented a house 1.5 miles from me---so psyched for her. Her reason for moving isn't the most positive (separation from husband after 27 years of marriage), but I'm excited for her to start a new life here. She rented this sweet cottage house with beautiful hard wood floors and a kick ass back yard complete with a hottub that has my name written all over it! She also spoils Mimalicious like the dickens! Anyway---so she moved around the corner from me this past weekend and has yet to equip her kitchen, being the coffee addict she is, she said "can I have some espresso is I come bearing dark chocolate?" YES

So we had a chocolate feast at my kitchen table. You can see my awesome "frumypiest mom of the week outfit" that I am wearing tonite. Complete with vintage T-shirt that was my grandpa's that says "Momma's don't let your babies grow up to drive chevies" and a pair of Athleta Capri's I made the mistake of wearing when I was giganto preggo and now fall off of me--oops--sucks too, they were like 40 dollar capri yoga workout pant things. Ah well......

By the way---I like the Dove chocolate covered almonds the best---mmmmm

My teeth hurt! I am going to go to bed now! :-)


Jess Craig said...

are you drunk... on chocolate?

JKL said...

Totally :-)

laurapile said...

There are these great chocolate covered almonds at costco! one huge bag for 12$ The bag is blue, I forget the name though!! I love chocolate too!!!