Friday, March 12, 2010


So Mimi has had this mystery fever since Tuesday this week. What a bad two weeks it has been!

It is "Spring Break" this week for the college kids--which I was looking forward to, not because I was "on break" but because I don't have to teach classes this week and therefore would have more time to do work! Also, I knew a few of parents from the daycare were UF employees and would be on vacation, leaving open spots at the daycare so I could bring Mimi a few extra days this week (especially since my Thursday babysitter is on "Spring Break" lol). BUT--in proper kid fashion, Mimi didn't cooperate with my well-made plans!

Last week I mentioned Mimi had the stomach flu (yuck) and a low-grade fever. That was last Wed/Thur. She was fine all weekend, then Tuesday morning I noticed her head was pretty warm. I took her temp and it was 101.5---that magic number where it's not a low-grade fever and you're supposed to give your pediatrician a call. She had also been congested, so I thought, probably ear infection, no biggy. I took her to the Dr. that morning at 10:20am--by then the tylenol I gave her kicked in and her temp was a cool 98 and I looked like an idiot for bringing her in--especially since they couldn't find ANYTHING wrong with her! They checked her ears, nose, throat, lungs, and even a urine sample--NOTHING. So I took her home, and my husband and I switched shifts--I took the morning off and he took of the afternoon. By the time I came home from work at 6:30pm, the poor kid was HOT as hell and bright red and upset. My husband said she had just woken up for her nap and was fine when he put her down. I called the after hours pediatrician--her temp was 104! They told me to giver her tylenol alterating it with Motrin ever 3 hours and adjusted the dosage to her actual weight (I was giving her too little apparently). They said give her a warm bath, nurse her and take the temp again, if it goes down, it's a virus and not meningitis or anything and we would just have to ride it out. Her fever went down to 102 and I kept her dosed up on the fever reducers. Over the next 3 days, anytime she was coming to the end of her dose of meds, her fever would spike right back up!!!! Geesh---so the pediatrician thinks she has Roseola.

Roseola is a generally mild infection that usually affects children by age 2. It occasionally affects adults. Roseola is extremely common — so common that most children have been infected with roseola by the time they enter kindergarten.

Two common strains of herpes viruses cause roseola. The condition typically causes several days of fever, followed by a rash.

Some children develop only a very mild case of roseola and never show any clear indication of illness, while others experience the full range of symptoms.

Roseola typically isn't serious. Rarely, complications from a very high fever can result. Treatment of roseola includes bed rest, fluids and medications to reduce fever.

So there you go---so the fever has started to break (goes down without constant tylenol) and I have missed an entire week of work. This wouldn't be so bad if I didn't just have an argument with my boss defending how much I am actually at work (after he accused me of never being around), so that sucks.

I had to go take the assessment exam for the job I applied for back in DECEMBER! I scored 15/19, the highest so far out of all the applicants, but I didn't have time to finish the exam--If I had finished I bet I would have aced it! We'll see if I get a one-on-one interview now.

The only good news this week--I now weight 206 lbs! I know what you're thinking--um why are you celebrating being over 200 lbs!? Well--I was 218 when I got pregnant--so 206 is good--I hope to get back down to 175 (what I was when I met my husband when I was 22) and then get a trainer to help me get down to 165 and lose as much bodyfat as necessary to be healthy lean and fit!

Thank you Courtney for being such a positive inspiration and keeping me motivated! Thank you also to my friend Grace who walks with me almost every night and listens to me bitch about my life for 3.3 miles.

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