Monday, March 29, 2010

What a week....

Oh Mimalicious--I love you more than anything....
Since I did not let myself do any social media stuff this week (minus two slip ups :-)) I kept a little post going of my CRAZY busy week.

On Monday I went shopping with my friend Kim and was even more inspired to get a job (ie bigger paycheck) when I sat my fat but on my dream couch at Potterybarn. I was further inspired to get a bigger paycheck when I browsed DSW, Anthropology, and Banana Republic---okay, so having nice stuff isn't a big deal--but that couch---I WILL have that couch someday :-) We were gone from 10am until 7pm and Mimi was such a shopping champ. She ate lunch at PF Chang's, strolled around all day, and conveniently slept all the way to Jacksonville and back! I met a mom at BabyGap with a baby that was 8 months that also weighed 20 lbs and I felt relieved that there are more 20 pounders out there--sometimes I meet moms with these tiny babies smaller than mine and think "what am I doing wrong!? why is my kid giganto!? Do I overfeed her!? Am I a bad mom!?"

Tuesday I only got to see Mimalicious for about 20 minutes the entire day! I worked on my dissertation 9 straight hours and only took 20 minutes to get a sandwich at subway. I had some seriously thoughts about how nice it would be to be a stay at home mom--even if I've spent 10 years in college and grad school to work towards my career--don't even care--spending time with Mimi is more fulfilling than any job I could ever have! Too bad the budget won't allow :-(

Wednesday was a crazy day. I did have two random things to share from wednesday...
-Read an article with Jenny McCarthy stating her son was "undiagnosed" with autism....what? can you be undiaganosed with autism? Did she not make a fortune selling books about her son having autism?
-Also--I was in the shower Wednesday night and wondered...."Is Johnson's & Johnson's baby shampoo really tear-free?" Yes peeps--I smeared a bunch of suds in my eye--not so much as a sting of irritation--on a side note I washed my hair with it for kicks and it cleans pretty nicely! lol

It's now Thursday--which to me is pretty much the end of my week. I had to teach today, so I spent the morning with Mimi, which so so precious and relaxing, just playing with her all morning. This was her this morning playing in a laundry basket while I prepped stuff to cook dinner later. She is wearing a romper my mother in law bought that the weather is just now warm enough for her to wear--except she can barely fit into it! lol Oh well--save it for another baby I guess.
My friend Kim graciously offered to watch her from 10-4 so I could teach without paying the babysitter--thank you so much! I love leaving her with Kim, I know she is doted on all day and kissed 1000 times, just I like I would. Tonite I did a 5.6 mile walk again (Thanks Grace!) in hopes of shedding THE 2 LBS I"VE GAINED THIS WEEK!!! WTF!?

I'm feeling really discouraged and tired of trying and working to lose weight. I feel like it's such an uphill battle. Why is it so easy for some and not others?--Don't answer that, I know the answer. Tomorrow I will go to the gym and keep trying, keep working, keep running uphill (not literally--well maybe that wouldn't hurt). My friend says my blog has too many posts about losing weight--What else would you guys like to know about me besides being a stressed out overweight mom with a cute pudgy baby?

Sorry for the melancholy post--I have some stressful stuff going on that makes me grumpy I guess---


Olya said...

interesting post! what do you teach? and I know what u mean about weight. People think I'm crazy cause to them I'm skinny but I gained 25 pounds in my last 2 years of college and I feel very uncomfortable. I cant even run as fast as I used to. anyway.Good blog!!!

Jess Craig said...

enough of this negativity. now. your body fluctuates! you know that.

anyway, i pretty much have that couch (not really but mine looks similar) and it gets water stains so easily! wyatt spits up all the time and causes the couch to get these little water rings on it. i just recently scrubbed it down and now theres a blanket thrown over it. not very pretty.

Kammy'sMama said...

love your blog & your videos...mimi is so adorable and funny :) i totally feel your pain with the whole weight loss baby is 4 months and i'm still 15 pounds away from my pre-pregnancy weight. lame. i thought if you were exclusively breastfeeding that the pounds "fall off" but they haven't fallen for me!! anyway, whenever i find myself at a platau, i change things up. try to switch up your workouts...that has definitely helped me in the past. good luck & don't be so hard on yourself :)