Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving

Well--Mimi's first Thanksgiving! What a crazy week it has been. My mom was visiting this week with her boyfriend. Add that to the fact that my husband's friend has been staying in our house for 2 months now--and remind yourself that our house is only 975 sq ft--and remember we have a 72 lb lab and oh don't forget the baby and all her associated baby STUFF! Yikes--it's been a little crazy.

We went to the natural history museum in town and wanted to see the butterfly rainforest but it was raining and we were told the butterflies would not be flying--we contented ourselves with walking around campus and seeing the other exhibits. We also took Mimi to the mall to sit on Santa's lap---what a ham she was smiling away. She even grabbed Santa's (real) beard! Poor santa, she has quite the grip.

Tonite we had an awesome dinner with all the usual fixins. I walked 3 miles with my friend earlier in the day to combat the extreme overeating I did! It was worth it. I haven't had that much to eat since I was 9 months pregnant!

I've had some other parenting woes on my mind. I've been applying for jobs lately and even though I haven't even gotten the interviews yet, I cry at the thought of putting Mimi a daycare 40 hours a week. Just typing this makes me want to cry. This is strange to me because I always knew I did not want to be a stay at home mom--even though it is a perfectly respectable job--I have been going to school (college) for 10 YEARS now (holy shit!), and thought I might like to use my Bachelors, Masters, and soon my Doctorate. But just the thought at actually having to be away from her all day everyday makes me scared and sad. I was playing on putting her in parttime daycare next semester until I find a full-time job. This would be a nice transition--hopefully that will work out.

Does anyone else ever get slightly jealous when someone else at your office has a newborn and your kid isn't the only infant around? This sounds so conceited, but this other phd student recently had a baby and I thought to myself---oh no, no one will care about Mimi anymore! I know this sounds so bad, i'm just being honest.

My other woe is how fast Mimi is growing up! She had her 4 month appointment and was 17lbs and 25 inches! She is the size of a 6 month old. She already wears 6 months clothes as well. She can roll from back to stomach and visa versa. She can't sit up unsupported, but loves to sit up and hold her own head up when you hold her. She hates to be held in the cradle position unless she's nursing or sleeping. She's not my little tiny baby anymore. This is why women keep having more babies! lol

She still is only getting breastmilk but the Dr. told me to gradually introduce solids ( i was surpriesed) because she doens't thrust her tongue out when you put a spoon in her mouth and she is drooling. I give her about a Tablespoon once a day or every other day at dinner time. The Dr. says it is not for nutrition, but for practice. She said it might also help her poop more regularly. It's messy but fun. I'll post pics.

I'm looking forward to christmas and all its associated fun events. I hope everyone is well.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Mimi and Mommy update

I love my daughter's crazy hair

Having some of momma's water, like the tongue in the bottle? nice eh?
Mimi and Mommy at the Fall Art Festival
Holds her own bottle!

I have finally accepted that I can't get schoolwork done during the day while I'm home with Mimi. Now that I have accpeted this fact, I LOVE spending my days with her. I just do my work at night when she goes to bed or in the evening when my husband is home.

Mimi is an awesome little girl. She if growing like weed. I don't know her weight or length because she goes for her 4-month apt. next week. She is still only on breastmilk, and no solids yet. She sleeps all night, only waking up a night a few times a week to eat. She takes 2-3 naps a day, usually two 1 to 2 hour naps. She still sleeps in her crib. She has rolled, laughed, and held her own bottle all in this week! Holy crap. No diaper rashes yet either. She is in 6 month clothes in most brands (and she's not even 4 months officially yikes!), and she's got the most adorable crazy hair.

Life is stressful for me--going to school remains to be a struggle. My husband is so supportive though--he helps out with the baby so much--wish he would help more with housework. I don't get out much these days but that's okay--not like I have money to anyway lol.

I applied for a job last week, i'll know in a few weeks if I even get an interview. If I get it, life will definately be changing. It the salary is enough I may consider using a nanny instead of daycare for awhile, maybe until Mimi is one year. We'll see what happens.

I am still right at my pre-pregnancy weight but I want to lose more. I did lunges, crunches, pushups and squats at the gym last night and almost fell down the stairs from jelly legs! If you have never expereinced this go to about 30 or so lunges and you'll feel it.

Getting SO excited about the holidays. I LOVE christmas. I can't wait to put Mimi in her xmas dress! Sorry for the erratic typing-it's 2am and I have to get to bed, just trying to throw out a quick blog.

Comment if you read my blog, love to see who reads it.


Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Travelling to my Hometown

I did something most people thought I was crazy for---I took an airplane trip alone with a 3 1/2 month old baby. It was a little crazy, but a great visit to NY, where I grew up.

We left on Friday and drove to Jacksonville (1 1/2 hour drive) and Mimi slept all the way. Getting my stuff into the airport and checked was a little crazy. I had a large duffle, a diaper bag, and Mimi's carseat. Once I got the duffle and carseat checked it wasn't too bad. It sucks that you have to pay $15 to check your bag. At least the carseat was checked for free. Mimi stayed awake all day on the plane just checking people out. We arrived in Buffalo around 7 pm and got some AWESOME pizza. You forget how good pizza is in western NY. Pizza in FL SUCKS. Mimi went to bed and slept all night in my friend's pack in play.

We spent the entire next day travelling around visiting. That night we went to my mom's and spent the rest of the weekend there.

On the way home Mimi was so pleasant on the flights. I have to say I was very impressed with Airtran. They gave me my own row on all my flights, even though I only bought one seat, they were more than accomdating and polite, can't beat the price ($150 round trip), and the flight attendants even warmed up my bottles ( I pumped a bottle before I left monday morning for the flight). Nursing in the airport and on the plane went fine. I figure--they can be offended by my exposed boob or be offended when my child screams.

Mimi is doing great these days. She can settle herself to sleep sometimes, she still sleeps all night and she is holding her body weight up really well. She goes for her 4 month apt. at Thanksgiving.

I am still at my pre-preggo weight-hopefully I'll go below it soon.

Hope everyone else is well.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Happy Halloween and such!

We are into the fall holidays! Yes I am so excited! I love the fall to winter holiday season.

Yesterday we took Mimi to "Boo at the Zoo" with my friend Grace and her daughter Dahlia. Poor Dahlia was tired and it was sooo hot, so she didn't have too much fun. Mimi LOVED it. She had her eyes wide open looking around the entire time! My husband thinks it is a waste of time to take her places because she is too little to enjoy things---that's crap, Mimi didn't cry or fuss and she didn't even fall asleep. She looked around with so much curiosity. I need to make an effort to take her out more. We "dressed" her up as a bunny--which was really just a white gerber onesie with a bunny hat. I did this for two reasons--I'm too cheap to spend 30 dollars on a costume that she won't remember and two costumes for babies are sooo hot--they're practically fleecy sleepers and it was over 90 yesterday. So go ahead and think i'm cheap---I saved 30 bucks and she didn't overheat.

In other news....
I have one pound left to lose! Yeah, most of my pants fit and i'm not even really trying. Imagine how awesome my weight loss would be if I didn't eat fun size snickers and junk? Yeah for breastfeeding!

My husband is going to NYC today for work and will be back Tuesday, I am so desperate without him--being a single parent would SUCK. I'm taking Mimi to NY next weekend for 4 days to see friends and family. I'm excited but a little worried about travelling alone with her on the plane and in the car. We;ll see--she usually is pretty chill when I need her to be. I'll let you know how that goes. This time I am travelling lite! I learned from the trip to Portland--the less you carry with the baby the better.

Hope everyone had a great Halloween!

In other news--Mimi is sleeping 10 hrs a night, breastfeeding is good, and we laid her down awake today and she went to sleep all by herself without crying!