Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Mimi and Mommy update

I love my daughter's crazy hair

Having some of momma's water, like the tongue in the bottle? nice eh?
Mimi and Mommy at the Fall Art Festival
Holds her own bottle!

I have finally accepted that I can't get schoolwork done during the day while I'm home with Mimi. Now that I have accpeted this fact, I LOVE spending my days with her. I just do my work at night when she goes to bed or in the evening when my husband is home.

Mimi is an awesome little girl. She if growing like weed. I don't know her weight or length because she goes for her 4-month apt. next week. She is still only on breastmilk, and no solids yet. She sleeps all night, only waking up a night a few times a week to eat. She takes 2-3 naps a day, usually two 1 to 2 hour naps. She still sleeps in her crib. She has rolled, laughed, and held her own bottle all in this week! Holy crap. No diaper rashes yet either. She is in 6 month clothes in most brands (and she's not even 4 months officially yikes!), and she's got the most adorable crazy hair.

Life is stressful for me--going to school remains to be a struggle. My husband is so supportive though--he helps out with the baby so much--wish he would help more with housework. I don't get out much these days but that's okay--not like I have money to anyway lol.

I applied for a job last week, i'll know in a few weeks if I even get an interview. If I get it, life will definately be changing. It the salary is enough I may consider using a nanny instead of daycare for awhile, maybe until Mimi is one year. We'll see what happens.

I am still right at my pre-pregnancy weight but I want to lose more. I did lunges, crunches, pushups and squats at the gym last night and almost fell down the stairs from jelly legs! If you have never expereinced this go to about 30 or so lunges and you'll feel it.

Getting SO excited about the holidays. I LOVE christmas. I can't wait to put Mimi in her xmas dress! Sorry for the erratic typing-it's 2am and I have to get to bed, just trying to throw out a quick blog.

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