Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Holy Randomness

It's late and I'm trying this whole go to bed at 11 and get up at 7 thing===so here goes, some random photos and thought from this week....

I buy eggs from a guy I work with who owns a farm---$1.25 a dozen--and they were usually fresh from THAT MORNING--this week he included an "extra" egg for Mimi--how cute. Did you know the USDA will let farmers mark eggs as "fresh" for up to 6 months as long as they have been refridgerated? wow---and also--did you know you can't make hard boiled eggs out of SUPER fresh eggs like these?
Okay--this is what my night looks like every night---labelling, pouring, freezing, washing, and packing it all up for the next day! I won't miss this when Mimilicious turns 12 months!
Not that I'm a charity case--but my friend was cleaning out her kids stuff and send Mimi a 23 lb box of awesome books! Everything from classics like Velveteen Rabbit to Dr. Seus to cool board books--I love that I have so many people in my life that are so generous and good to me---I love that my child is loved by others--I hope she will grow to be as thoughtful as the people around her are. We will cherish these books for many snuggles at night!
Um this is just cute-this is her cute mischievous face. I love this kid more than I can describe. Here she is eating grilled cheese (made with organic cheese cause that's what I do don't criticize), and ham!
in one of her many new Gator onesies from Marty and Tricia! Go Gators!

In other news---p90x is kicking my butt but I'm sticking with it! I feel stronger and leaner already! I am having trouble with some of the lunges and jumping. My right knee is still pretty week from the surgery. Any body else feel there fat rolls jump when they do jumping jacks---is is just moms whose pregnant bellies were stretched to the max leaving us extra pudge to jump up and down?!

Goodnight and have a great week!


Sunday, April 25, 2010

Mimi's First Camping Trip!

Hey Y'all.

Apologies ahead of time if you already saw my photos posted (facebook) and are bored with hearing about Mimi's first camping trip!

We took her camping for the first time this weekend. My husband and I are BIG into camping. We hope Mimi has the same love for camping that we have. I was a little nervous about dealing with a 9 month old while being outside all day, sleeping in a tent etc....but Mimi did fantastic!
We travelled to Ginnie Springs this weekend. We normally camp at Blue Springs down the road but decided to change things up. Ginnie is cool because the spring system opens up to an underground cave system where the cave scuba divers go in, which is super interesting.

We only stayed on night, which has pluses and minuses ---the plus is you don't have to bring as much food and firewood--the downside is you hoe out all your tents, tarps, camp chairs etc for one night, then pack it all back up 24 hrs later. Kind of annoying too. I think one night was a good idea for Mimi's first trip.

We got there Saturday and spent all day swimming and picnicking with friends by the main spring. We put the pack and play up in the shade, slathered her with sunscreen and she was such a doll! She played in the pack and play, let all of our friends hold her, swam with Mommy and Daddy, and even laid on a blanket in the grass and nursed. At night we gave her a babywipe bath (they had showers there but it was really late so we opted out of it) and put some fleecy jammies on her and I nursed her in the tent until she fell asleep. She slept in a pack and play in our tent all night. She did wake up once---it was kind of funny actually. I was using my breastpump in our car before I went to bed and my husband went to sleep in the tent and locked the car (with me in it) without realizing it. When I finished pumping and tried to get out of the car our car alarm went off--waking Mimi up. I had to nurse her for awhile to calm her down and get her to sleep again. I think she was just disorientated and didin't know her surroundings. She woke up at 6:30 and her and I and my friend Kim went for an early morning walk in our jammies. It was crisp and cool and quiet out. We made breakfast and chilled out before packing up to come home.

Coming home was nice. We cleaned everything and put it away and showered and took a big long family nap.

I think we have a future camper on our hands. Next month we're camping again near Tampa with some other friends.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

First day of P90x--my initial response

Okay peeps--so this P90x thing is really popular. All my friends here tried it a few months ago--I think most of them lost interest after a few weeks, but they all had good things to say about it.

Since the recovery after my knee surgery I have been walking with a friend, which I think was great post surgery but now I don't think it is doing anything to tone my muscles. I think walking is a great low-impact exercise to burn calories and relieve stress, but it's not going to get my abs or my ass in shape. I try to get to the gym 2-3 days a week as well, but I usually only have 30-40 minutes to get in a workout there.

My friend Courtney is kind of in the same boat as me I guess--we're both stuck with these post-baby bodies with calorie burn from nursing trailing off and still some weight to lose. I decided to give P90x a try to copy her (just kidding). I must say though, It kind of irritates me to work out in my living room when I pay for a gym membership every month. I guess I'll still try to get to the gym too.

So the premise of this program from what I got from the little info booklet---you have 12 weeks, each week you attempt to work out 6 out of 7 days. The workouts range in time, but are generally over an hour. Some days you do two videos (like abs + arms & back), or other days it is just one video. Over the twelve weeks it rotates you around 15 videos.

So today I did Phase 1, week 1 (Chest & Back + Ab Ripper X). It was about an hour and a half. My first impression is that the guy leading the workout is annoying as hell. He reminds me of an SNL spoof of a gym guy. My second observation is that don't have ANY of the equipment needed to do the exercises for chest and back. I know I know, I should have know this ahead of time---the entire chest/back workout was pretty much various pushups and pullups. I did all the pushup exercises *holy crap it was a lot of pushups!* and for the pullups I improvised and used one of the resistance bands my physical therapist gave me to work out my knee. All and all I think I would have gotten the same results if I just went to the gym and did 150 pushups spaced out over an hour. The ab workout on the other hand was awesome. It was pretty much all the same ab exercises my personal trainer would make me do. It seriously was so hard I almost felt sick to my stomach. I haven't done ab stuff since my c-section in August--so a loooong time.

I think I'll give it a week so I can get a taste of the other videos. We'll see. I definitely need something to step it up--I am stuck at 205 lbs---ugh. In my defense work has been super stressful and I haven't had time for a lot of things lately, including the gym.

Quick Hello

ah Monday--grocery shopping/meal planning/play with Mimi Monday

Hey ladies,

Just a quick hello from me and Mimicans. Today was my fun-filled monday home with her. I actually savored ever minute of it today--this is not the case some days--I will not lie. Today I spent time laying together and nursing, playing on the floor, talking to her as a grocery shop and kissing her fat face.

We had a crazy weekend. We finally got down to Orlando and met up with some of our friends from Fort Meyers who were there for the weekend for a concert. We had a really low-key fun time with good food, good laughs and lots of catching up. They are getting married in December and we could not be more excited for them. They bought Mimi her new fav toy:
See the snot running down her face!? YES MY KID IS SICK AGAIN===god help me.

Maybe this week I will have time to do a proper post, things are really stressful right now with work and personal stuff. I wish you all a really great week.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Busy and Tired

I'm tired. I am so tired this week. I feel like every week I say "if I can just get through this week next week will be better..." then the next week rolls around there's a new list of stuff to get done. I'm not talking about silly things that I hope to get done--I'm talking like deadlines and meetings I can't put off to another date and time. Blah.

I have to say that this week my personal home life was so nice. Usually I at least have some sort of issue at home, whether it's the toilet not working, or a fight with my husband, etc...but this week I am delighted to say my home life was wonderful--like warm and fuzzy wonderful.

Today I had to pump in a public bathroom for the first time. Yuck---not exactly my ideal environment to pump and store food for my child, but whatever, I made it. Should I write the president of the University and request a lactation room? I mean with almost 80,000 students there are bound to be more mom's like me in need of a clean room with chairs, plugs, a sink and a door for some privacy.

Speaking of pumping---man am I sick of this:

Pumping, storing, labeling, freezing, washing, sterilizing, and repeating.....

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Icecream treats :-)

I don't have anything relevant to discuss tonite--I just wanted to share with you some photos from our outing to my FAVORITE icecream shoppe in town. I love the owners of this place. They are a young family with hearts of gold. They all take turns working at the place. They make all their icecream fresh each week from local ingredients. They cooperate with other locally owned businesses to help support...well...local business--sorry a little redundant.

and their icecream...to die for. They usually have about 20 flavors (awesome!) of icecream weekly and they also carry about 10 non-dairy sorbets also made fresh weekly. They have baked goods, brewed rootbeer (for floats), fair trade coffee, shakes, sundaes, chocolate covered bananas and chocolate covered cheesecake on a stick--crazy!

I love icecream. I can't keep it in the house because i'll just keep eating until it is gone. I don't mind splurging (calorie wise) every now and again for a damn good cup of creamy deliciousness. So tonite I had the double dipper-two mini scoops of icecream--can't have just one flavor! I chose mudslide and chocolate hazelnut. My friend Kim came along and spoils Mimi and lets her try anything--Mimi had many tastes tonite! Hopefully she's not sick tomorrow! lol

Considering the above, I will save weightloss blog type entries for another night. I am going to take a shower and watch Angels and Demons with my husband.

I have some blogs I want to write soon, including talking about baby sign language and some other stuff.

Comment and tell me your fav icecream flavor!

Saturday, April 3, 2010


We went to an Easter egg hunt this morning at a local church--I was 1/2 hour late as usual so I missed the "hunt" but Mimi and I hung out with the our friends and had a good time anyway. I didn't bring Mimi a basket either--I mean seriously--she's 8 months? What will she do with a gazillion plastic eggs and candy? She does have an Easter basket at home--so I'm not a horrible mother! lol

I would like to show a photo of why i'm 1/2 hour late when I have to get ready with my husband not home.....This is what I am trying to wrangle when I'm flatironing my hair and concealing my under eye circles....Right after this photo she turned around and unrolled all of the toilet paper..

That's one big baby booty...

Before you criticize me for taking time to flat iron my hair--this is what I look when i wake up in the morning--SCARY i know! Thanks daddy for taking this photo....

Tomorrow we are going to church, coloring eggs, making ham and egg lasagna, and relaxing on our hammock--Hope you enjoy your Easter too!

--got back down to 204 today :-) ----

Good Friday

My darling Mimi made my "Bad Good Friday" a good one. With all the crappy stuff right now, watching my daughter play in her $7 inflatable pool on a warm Florida afternoon brightened my day. I can't imagine what life would be like without her. My little ray of sunshine.