Saturday, April 3, 2010


We went to an Easter egg hunt this morning at a local church--I was 1/2 hour late as usual so I missed the "hunt" but Mimi and I hung out with the our friends and had a good time anyway. I didn't bring Mimi a basket either--I mean seriously--she's 8 months? What will she do with a gazillion plastic eggs and candy? She does have an Easter basket at home--so I'm not a horrible mother! lol

I would like to show a photo of why i'm 1/2 hour late when I have to get ready with my husband not home.....This is what I am trying to wrangle when I'm flatironing my hair and concealing my under eye circles....Right after this photo she turned around and unrolled all of the toilet paper..

That's one big baby booty...

Before you criticize me for taking time to flat iron my hair--this is what I look when i wake up in the morning--SCARY i know! Thanks daddy for taking this photo....

Tomorrow we are going to church, coloring eggs, making ham and egg lasagna, and relaxing on our hammock--Hope you enjoy your Easter too!

--got back down to 204 today :-) ----

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Sarah Walters said...

Your daughter is so adorable! Happy Easter!