Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Holy Randomness

It's late and I'm trying this whole go to bed at 11 and get up at 7 thing===so here goes, some random photos and thought from this week....

I buy eggs from a guy I work with who owns a farm---$1.25 a dozen--and they were usually fresh from THAT MORNING--this week he included an "extra" egg for Mimi--how cute. Did you know the USDA will let farmers mark eggs as "fresh" for up to 6 months as long as they have been refridgerated? wow---and also--did you know you can't make hard boiled eggs out of SUPER fresh eggs like these?
Okay--this is what my night looks like every night---labelling, pouring, freezing, washing, and packing it all up for the next day! I won't miss this when Mimilicious turns 12 months!
Not that I'm a charity case--but my friend was cleaning out her kids stuff and send Mimi a 23 lb box of awesome books! Everything from classics like Velveteen Rabbit to Dr. Seus to cool board books--I love that I have so many people in my life that are so generous and good to me---I love that my child is loved by others--I hope she will grow to be as thoughtful as the people around her are. We will cherish these books for many snuggles at night!
Um this is just cute-this is her cute mischievous face. I love this kid more than I can describe. Here she is eating grilled cheese (made with organic cheese cause that's what I do don't criticize), and ham!
in one of her many new Gator onesies from Marty and Tricia! Go Gators!

In other news---p90x is kicking my butt but I'm sticking with it! I feel stronger and leaner already! I am having trouble with some of the lunges and jumping. My right knee is still pretty week from the surgery. Any body else feel there fat rolls jump when they do jumping jacks---is is just moms whose pregnant bellies were stretched to the max leaving us extra pudge to jump up and down?!

Goodnight and have a great week!



Olya said...

Your baby is so cute!!!!

Jess Craig said...

1. i hate the feeling of jiggling all over. it sucks.

2. are you doing p90x lean or classic?

3. why does your breast milk look like whole milk? it's making me thirsty.

4. i do organic too.