Sunday, April 25, 2010

Mimi's First Camping Trip!

Hey Y'all.

Apologies ahead of time if you already saw my photos posted (facebook) and are bored with hearing about Mimi's first camping trip!

We took her camping for the first time this weekend. My husband and I are BIG into camping. We hope Mimi has the same love for camping that we have. I was a little nervous about dealing with a 9 month old while being outside all day, sleeping in a tent etc....but Mimi did fantastic!
We travelled to Ginnie Springs this weekend. We normally camp at Blue Springs down the road but decided to change things up. Ginnie is cool because the spring system opens up to an underground cave system where the cave scuba divers go in, which is super interesting.

We only stayed on night, which has pluses and minuses ---the plus is you don't have to bring as much food and firewood--the downside is you hoe out all your tents, tarps, camp chairs etc for one night, then pack it all back up 24 hrs later. Kind of annoying too. I think one night was a good idea for Mimi's first trip.

We got there Saturday and spent all day swimming and picnicking with friends by the main spring. We put the pack and play up in the shade, slathered her with sunscreen and she was such a doll! She played in the pack and play, let all of our friends hold her, swam with Mommy and Daddy, and even laid on a blanket in the grass and nursed. At night we gave her a babywipe bath (they had showers there but it was really late so we opted out of it) and put some fleecy jammies on her and I nursed her in the tent until she fell asleep. She slept in a pack and play in our tent all night. She did wake up once---it was kind of funny actually. I was using my breastpump in our car before I went to bed and my husband went to sleep in the tent and locked the car (with me in it) without realizing it. When I finished pumping and tried to get out of the car our car alarm went off--waking Mimi up. I had to nurse her for awhile to calm her down and get her to sleep again. I think she was just disorientated and didin't know her surroundings. She woke up at 6:30 and her and I and my friend Kim went for an early morning walk in our jammies. It was crisp and cool and quiet out. We made breakfast and chilled out before packing up to come home.

Coming home was nice. We cleaned everything and put it away and showered and took a big long family nap.

I think we have a future camper on our hands. Next month we're camping again near Tampa with some other friends.

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laurapile said...

Looks like you had a great time :) I am very jealous of your hot sunny weather!!! we still have to wait a little bit for that here :( soon enough though!

We love camping too, we use to live in Victoria BC and camped all the time...I think we will skip it this summer though, Kaleb is just too young.