Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Quick Hello

ah Monday--grocery shopping/meal planning/play with Mimi Monday

Hey ladies,

Just a quick hello from me and Mimicans. Today was my fun-filled monday home with her. I actually savored ever minute of it today--this is not the case some days--I will not lie. Today I spent time laying together and nursing, playing on the floor, talking to her as a grocery shop and kissing her fat face.

We had a crazy weekend. We finally got down to Orlando and met up with some of our friends from Fort Meyers who were there for the weekend for a concert. We had a really low-key fun time with good food, good laughs and lots of catching up. They are getting married in December and we could not be more excited for them. They bought Mimi her new fav toy:
See the snot running down her face!? YES MY KID IS SICK AGAIN===god help me.

Maybe this week I will have time to do a proper post, things are really stressful right now with work and personal stuff. I wish you all a really great week.

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