Monday, September 24, 2012

Holy 3rd Trimester

I can't believe this. I'm in the THIRD trimester?!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Leggings as Pants

Today I had to restrain myself from dropping Mimi off at Preschool in leggings, or pajamas pants.  Both I feel can be equally inappropriate for such occasions.  I love leggings, but very few of us can pull of "leggings as pants."  Some of you lucky ladies have the butt and legs to do it, this lady does not....

I really want to find more maternity tunic tops that cover my butt but allow me to wear leggings.  I"m seriously feeling like a house these days, and maternity jeans are just not comfortable to me this time around.  First off, when I got pregnant I was a size 12, so most of maternity jeans (Gap brand) are 12's. Well, what fit up to 5 months pregnant, does not fit anymore.  Well, they "fit" as in they go over my large ass robust figure, but I feel really uncomfortable.   I ordered another pair size 14 (gasp, it hurt my feelings to do it...) and they're too long and need to be hemmed, so I haven't worn them yet.  But to be perfectly honest, trying them on even after washing them, I wasn't as impressed as I am with leggings.  Maybe I'll just live in yoga pants the rest of this pregnancy, the perfect twist of pajamas and pants.

I am also restraining myself from cleaning and/or sleeping while Mimi is at preschool today.  I put her in Mother's Day Out/Preschool two 1/2 days a week to have time to finish writing my dissertation.  Some days I feel awesome, I can sit at my computer and crank out the work, but today I feel as though I have no writin' mojo.  I desperately want to put fresh sheets on my bed and crawl in it and set an alarm for lunchtime.  God, I hate this feeling.  I know I'm pregnant and I need rest blah blah blah, but these days I seriously feel unbelievably drained.

Please send some mojo my way....

Monday, September 17, 2012

Rainy Texas Weekend

Holy rain Batman.  In the entire first year we lived here in Austin I think it sprinkled 2 or 3 times--for less than 10 minutes, no joke.  It has been non-stop rain since Thursday night and we are LOVING it.  Is it sad when you're blessed with such hot sunny weather so consistently that you celebrate overcast rainy days like it's Christmas?  We shut off the AC, opened the windows, welcomed the humidity and snuggled all weekend.

Friday night I had a girl's night over at my friends house.  We all agreed to wear pajama pants, which made this pregnant lady pretty happy.  We ate dip and chatted until 1:30am, which is late for me.  I spent a large chunk of Saturday afternoon napping on the couch recovering from staying up past my usual bedtime of 11:30.  The rest of Saturday was kind of a blur.  I remember going out for coffee and coming home afterwards with a pretty wicked headache and nausea (thank you pregnancy hormones) and ended up watching Vanilla Sky on my Iphone in the bathtub.  Exciting right?

Today is my "work" day, where my husband and Mimi go off on an adventure from 10-1 and then I work during that time and her nap.  I was amazed at the work I was able to get done today.  Last night I went to bed with a positive attitude towards spending Sunday at the computer.  I find that is I psyche myself up like that, it really isn't' that bad.

I had been craving spaghetti, but with my husband's gluten allergy and our low-carb lifestyle, we don't eat pasta anymore.  Luckily I've found a brand of gluten free (and corn-free) pasta that doesn't taste like crap.  I whipped up some sauce during Mimi's nap with fresh basil, carrots, onion, garlic, tomatos, and mushrooms and we feasted on gluten free (yet not low-carb) brown rice pasta piled high with freshly grated parmesan.  It really was a treat!

I hit the grocery store after dinner in an outfit that would appall my friend Kim, the friend who actually tells you when you look in appropriate.  I squished my pregnant tree-trunk legs into some gray leggings with a maternity shirt and cardigan and drove my fat pregnant but to HEB.  Is it sad that going to the grocery store alone (sans toddler and annoying husband who gives me the evil eye for buying granola) is like a mini vacation at a spa? I roamed the aisles putting things in my cart that would get me the stink eye from my husband, like spiced cider and pudding cups for Mimi's lunch.

Now it's time for a new week to start.  I am 26 weeks pregnant tomorrow.  Whoa.  This whole birth of our next baby thing is really creeping up on me! I kind of want things to slow down a little.

Here's some photos of Mimi hanging out in her Pjs Saturday morning, it's all I got! I need to get my camera out more....


Monday, September 10, 2012

Is it tacky?

I avoided doing this for months...literally.  For some reason it felt awkward sharing about this pregnancy on facebook.  It almost felt tacky.  Here on my blog, only a few of my followers know me in real life, so sharing with you guys has been effortless and fun.  I think that I put it off for so long because I knew I'd get comments like "wow, what about your dissertation?!" that would painfully remind me of the weight I carry on my shoulders to finish writing before baby #2 comes, because I'd have even less time and energy.

I need to point out that we planned for, wanted, and are excited for this baby.  Not wanting to share the news was in my mind I guess a way to avoid the guilt I felt when people did bring up my dissertation, because I am angry and frustrated that I haven't finished writing.

Today when I dropped off Mimi at Mother's Day Out/Preschool, I mentioned to the lady about the baby coming in December and she looked straight at me and was shocked I was pregnant.  I was like Whoa lady, do you not see my giant belly? I'm 6 months along now!  Then I thought, sh*t people just think I've packed on the pounds I guess.  Maybe I should tell people instead of letting them wonder if it's too many snowcones or a baby.

I was talking to my dear friend Emily about not "sharing the news" and she said to not care about the comments of others, or what they think.  She said not to let them steal my joy over this pregnancy.  My husband and I (and Mimi) are excited about our Christmas baby coming soon.  No my facebook world can be excited for us too I guess.  One nasty dissertation comment and they're blocked though!

Baby at 24 weeks 3 days, measuring in at 1 lb 9oz