Monday, September 10, 2012

Is it tacky?

I avoided doing this for months...literally.  For some reason it felt awkward sharing about this pregnancy on facebook.  It almost felt tacky.  Here on my blog, only a few of my followers know me in real life, so sharing with you guys has been effortless and fun.  I think that I put it off for so long because I knew I'd get comments like "wow, what about your dissertation?!" that would painfully remind me of the weight I carry on my shoulders to finish writing before baby #2 comes, because I'd have even less time and energy.

I need to point out that we planned for, wanted, and are excited for this baby.  Not wanting to share the news was in my mind I guess a way to avoid the guilt I felt when people did bring up my dissertation, because I am angry and frustrated that I haven't finished writing.

Today when I dropped off Mimi at Mother's Day Out/Preschool, I mentioned to the lady about the baby coming in December and she looked straight at me and was shocked I was pregnant.  I was like Whoa lady, do you not see my giant belly? I'm 6 months along now!  Then I thought, sh*t people just think I've packed on the pounds I guess.  Maybe I should tell people instead of letting them wonder if it's too many snowcones or a baby.

I was talking to my dear friend Emily about not "sharing the news" and she said to not care about the comments of others, or what they think.  She said not to let them steal my joy over this pregnancy.  My husband and I (and Mimi) are excited about our Christmas baby coming soon.  No my facebook world can be excited for us too I guess.  One nasty dissertation comment and they're blocked though!

Baby at 24 weeks 3 days, measuring in at 1 lb 9oz


Olya said...

I think you shouldn't care what others think. At the end it's you and your family that matter. And you will finish writing this thing! I believe in you!

jen said...

sYou have a wise friend! I too can fall prey to fear of others comments or opinions. With baby number 2 I was finally able to break free, mostly with the post baby life. I wasn't going to allow others to control how I felt. I wasn't going to allow people to make me feel low because of their parental competition. So I too encourage you not to allow anyone to rob you of your joy with this beautiful time in your life! You have so much to be thankful for and so much to celebrate. Let the world know and let others have their own opinions and "concerns". They aren't your's and at the end of the day, you have a fantastic family of 4! You have tons to be thrilled about!

Meg Smith said...

Have I missed it?? Are you keeping it a secret or not finding out???!!! Boy or Girl?!

It's weird how much more private I am this pregnancy, too, as I've mentioned to you before, but I love reading about other ladies' pregnancy updates!!! They make me feel like I'm not alone!