Saturday, August 25, 2012


I'm not the best at following all these pregnancy "rules."

Confession 1.  I'm laying on my bed, on my belly, typing this blog.  What?! Almost 23 weeks pregnant with a uterus the size of a cantaloup (or bigger) and I still lay on my belly sometimes? Yup.  Gummy bear doesn't like it, Gummy squirms a lot. ]

Confession 2.  I ate raw sushi tonight. What!? Yup. It was delicious too.  I think if you eat sushi from a reputable place, raw or cooked, your risk of parasite and bacterial infection is the same pregnant or not.  Trust me.  I'm a fisheries biologist.  Go ahead, argue with me.  While we're on this subject, I eat my yokes runny, my lunchmeat cold, and I think I even ate some brie this pregnancy, let's throw in some feta for good measure....I have women who stuff their face with processed carbs, genetically modified foods and sugar and point a finger at me for eating sushi and runny eggs.  This makes no sense to me.

Confession 3.  I don't want to gain weight, and actually get disappointed when I do.  My fetal maternal specialist actually said to me at my last apt that as long as the baby measures fine (which Gummy is in the 68th percentile at 20 weeks) I could gain nothing and still have a healthy baby and he wasn't worried.  So to those friends who lecture me when I say i'm happy i've only gained 7 lbs in 22 1/2 weeks, call my doctor.  I assure you he knows what's he's talking about.  I'm not a preggorexic or anything, I just know that because I started off this pregnancy at the heavier end of my suggested weight, I dont' need to pack on 35 lbs.

Confession 4.  I don't tell people i'm pregnant because I dont' want to talk about it.  I'm not hiding it, but I don't advertise it.  No facebook updates, no formal announcement, nothing.  If you see me and you say "gee are you pregnant" I'll gladly say "why yes I am."  This is weird because with Mimi's pregnancy I would shout it from the rooftop if someone let me.  If you showed the slightest interest in talking about it, I'd talk you ear off about it.  This time I just feel way more quiet and private.  Like this is something for me, my husband, and Mimi.

Ok, there, now that I have that off my chest, I'm going to go eat some watermelon.


Juliana Stak said...

loved your post. This gaining weight thing is so annoying. I gained 18 pounds on my last pregnancy, didn't try to gain to much or too little, ate normal and that was it. People gave me a hard time, but i'm a small person (5'2) and my husband is 5'4.Couples like us don't make huge babies... And at the end we had a healthy 7 pound baby boy. Good to know about the sushi thing... that's my number one crave when i'm pregnant.

Meg Smith said...

With my second pregnancy, I'm feeling more relaxed than I did with the first on, as well! And more private -- we're not telling the name until she's born! How are feeling this pregnancy?!

Laura said...

Too funny...I eat lunch meat too...and brie and feta....and I don't feel bad about it...i won't drink diet anything though...i just think chemicals!

Love this post!!! :)

I only did one Facebook announcement and i only did it cause people kept asking if i was pregnant and so one announcement and no posts about it really...I instagram the shit about it though, her room and all that...i keep my instagram account private...add me if you want...happypile

Grace said...

Great post. Women should know a lot of these food warnings have to do with foods not being stored correctly or otherwise becoming contaminated- not because the foods themselves are evil! They are missing out on a lot of good nutrition while they are busy pointing fingers instead of asking "Hey, WHY can't I eat that?". Anyway, we miss you and you look great, preggo!