Sunday, August 12, 2012

Dreamt of Running

I've been having some pretty "real" feeling dreams lately.   I'm not sure if it's pregnancy craziness or just the fact that my sleep is constantly interrupted by tossing, turning, peeing, blowing my nose, getting water, etc.

Last night I dreamt of running.  I think I actually ran a 5K in my dreams.  I can remember the terrain of the run, the cool breeze in my face (obviously I wasn't home in TX in my dream)....I could even remember the clothes I had on.  I didn't look like a husky pregnant lady in my dream.  I felt awesome.  Then I woke up, rolled over the heavy belly and remembered I'm pregnant and had to quit running at 9 weeks along.

I don't think I could run now if I was being chased by a rabid dog.  I feel so run down, queasy, and just heavy almost everyday.  My legs and feet have begun to swell (already) at only 21 weeks along.  Now I shouldn't feel too terribly heavy, I've only gained 3 lbs! One of those pounds in the baby, and god knows there's at least another two in my boobs!  Not to mention the extra blood volume, fluids, etc.  So I shouldn't feel so husky right?

I'm really having one of those weeks where I just don't feel comfortable in my body.  I am excited about this baby.  I am feeling happy and blessed to be pregnant, I just yearn to have my happy, active life back.  I want to wake up feeling refreshed, satisfied when I eat (not sick feeling), and run with the cool breeze hot Texas air in my face.

I'm due to have this baby mid December, so hopefully by the beginning of March I'll be back on the road in my Asics feeling like my old self again (but with two sports bras probably).

Here I am in the last 5K I ran, well correction, I ran one when I was 7 weeks pregnant, but this was the last one I ran when I was really rockin' the running.  Can you believe this girl used to be 250 lbs!?

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Laura said...

know how you feel...I am not 31 weeks and I feel so yuck all the time..the humidity here doesn't help at all and the lack of AC sucks! I have foun this pregnancy kicking my butt a lot more then Kaleb's!