Thursday, April 8, 2010

Icecream treats :-)

I don't have anything relevant to discuss tonite--I just wanted to share with you some photos from our outing to my FAVORITE icecream shoppe in town. I love the owners of this place. They are a young family with hearts of gold. They all take turns working at the place. They make all their icecream fresh each week from local ingredients. They cooperate with other locally owned businesses to help support...well...local business--sorry a little redundant.

and their die for. They usually have about 20 flavors (awesome!) of icecream weekly and they also carry about 10 non-dairy sorbets also made fresh weekly. They have baked goods, brewed rootbeer (for floats), fair trade coffee, shakes, sundaes, chocolate covered bananas and chocolate covered cheesecake on a stick--crazy!

I love icecream. I can't keep it in the house because i'll just keep eating until it is gone. I don't mind splurging (calorie wise) every now and again for a damn good cup of creamy deliciousness. So tonite I had the double dipper-two mini scoops of icecream--can't have just one flavor! I chose mudslide and chocolate hazelnut. My friend Kim came along and spoils Mimi and lets her try anything--Mimi had many tastes tonite! Hopefully she's not sick tomorrow! lol

Considering the above, I will save weightloss blog type entries for another night. I am going to take a shower and watch Angels and Demons with my husband.

I have some blogs I want to write soon, including talking about baby sign language and some other stuff.

Comment and tell me your fav icecream flavor!


Olya said...

oh wow!this post made me really hungry... lol... my favorite ice cream is rum raisin and pistachio from Haagen Daz!!!

Kyle and Court: said...

Haggen Daz used to make this Chocolate Raspberry Torte ice cream and it was AMAZING. They discontinued it. (Jerks.)

Now I adore Neapolitan Dynamite which is Cherry Garcia and Chocolate Fudge Brownie, side by side. (Ben and Jerry)

But Chocolate Hazelnut sounds like it has my name on it. That is my favorite kind of candy bar.

I get a sundae when I reach 15 lbs down. YUM!