Monday, May 3, 2010

Mimi's First Beach Trip!

Swimming at our friends heated :-) pool
Fun at the beach
It was super Windy!
Doesn't like the water!
So I had to go to a conference in the Destin area on Friday, so I decided to make it a weekend trip and spend some time at the beach and with friends. Destin has some of the most gorgeous white sand beaches i've ever been to.

It was a long drive up there thursday night and Mimi cried and fussed the first two hours of it. I tried giving her a bottle, singing to her, NOTHING worked. So frustrating. We stopped after 2 hours and had dinner at the Macaroni Grill---which I have to say is the only corporate italian place I enjoy the food at. As soon as we unclipped the carseat she was little miss smiles. She laughed and giggled and at eggplant parmasean like it was her job. She finally went back to sleep in the car when we headed out for the other 2 hour part of the drive. She slept really well in the pack and play at our friends house without a problem.

Friday I presented at a conference which was probably one of my worse presentations, due to lack of preparation which was my own fault. Some people complimented me on it--think they were just being nice, cause it sucked! I did do some great networking while I was there. I was using my friends office to pump during the coffee breaks of the conference and called my husband to check in on him and Mimi. I don't know how this happened, but he really hasn't had to take care of her ALL BY HIMSELF for more than 1/2 of day. He had to watch her from 7:30am to 5:00 pm. The first thing he says to me is "there's been a little accident, but don't worry she's okay" WTF, I leave her with him for ONE DAY and "there's been an accident!?" Apparently, she was playing on a bed and he was standing right there getting dressed and in a split second of him spraying on deodorant, she made her way to the edge of the bed, fell, and busted her lip. In his defense he yelled back "you make mistakes too!" YES but I make mistakes, not be careless, there's a difference. Men are really careless sometimes. So he had a fat lip with two cuts on it ...perhaps where teeth went through the lip? dont' know--but she as fine and survived the rest of the day without bloodshed. GGRRRR I can't even type about he indicident anymore--it irritates me how careless my husband can be.

We went to the beach saturday which was really fun, but windy. It was hot, but so windy that they closed the water for swimming. We ended up just playing in the surf, digging in the sand, and playing bocci. I decided to let Mimi be naked which earned me some disgusted looks from other beachgoers===doesn't bother me. Mimi did not like the water, but I think she enjoyed the sand and the sites. We took my friend's 8 year-old daughter with us beacause her mom had to work. She was fun and kept Mimi very busy. We went to a beachy restaurant that was full of knick knacks and such, they even had baby alligators you could feed.

Sunday we drove home. I was a little annoyed at my husband because he wasn't hungry so decided we could not stop from 11:45 am to 6pm when we got home. Mimi had a gigantic blow-out poop diaper IN HER CARSEAT (cue wife yelling at husband again for neglecting to stop), needless to day next time I won't ask him to stop, I will tell him to stop so I can check the baby's diaper and let her move around a little. Ugh.

Home safe and back to business. Mimi is napping right now after a busy morning. I had a job interview this morning which was rather interesting. Mimi also played in her kiddie pool outside because it is 95 degrees! ugh! She was trying to reach over and grab dirt and eat it, along with rocks, so we nicks the pool and came in for her nap.

Hope you all had a great weekend too!


Jess Craig said...

god, my husband is just the same. it really pisses me off.

Olya said...

I think this weekend was bad for husbands and boyfriends! My bf got completely drunk on Saturday at a wedding, and was sick the entire ride home!!! I was gonna kill him!!!! He still doesn't know his norm. I might still kill him tonight when we will be discussing his animal behavior over the weekend;)