Monday, May 10, 2010

Monday Morning Ups and Downs

Mimi's waving "Hi" to her friends out there!

Let's start with what pisses me off this morning and just get that right out of the way!

My husband decided that he wanted to do the grocery shopping "his way" this week. Which means he likes to go to 4---YES 4 f'ing supermarkets to get our weeks worth or groceries, fine you say right? NO--because he went to 2 on Saturday (a mexican market and asian market) and bought random shit to make dinners that he has no recipes for, and neglected to go to the actually grocery store and purchase things we NEED, like break, milk, eggs, fruit, yogurt, food I can actually give to the baby that isn't imported from Mexico. This makes me angry. Because now I wake up jonesing for some fruit and yogurt and we have nothing to eat for breakfast, which is usually the meal that I eat the most at. Not to mention, since he has no real recipes for the random assemblage of crap he bought, I either have to get creative or wait for him to get home to cook, which he gets home after 6pm, so then we dont' eat until 8pm, which is the baby's bedtime. So I am irritated. So this morning I went to the F'ing grocery store MYSELF and purchased the foods we NEEDED. Thank you very much.

Also I annoyed that whenever I approach my monthly cycle now I get HELLA cranky and have nausea. Being nausea sucks and makes me paranoid that I'm pregnant every month--which i'm not, because I'm on birth control and quite frankly you have to have sex to get pregnant (TMI). Also, every since I was pregnant I want to throw up every time I brush my teeth. A nice leftover symptom from having an exaggerated gag reflex while pregnant. This also does not make me happy this morning.

And dont' ask me how my mother's day was---because that will make me angry too. And spare me the details of how wonderful your husband is too. I'm rally happy for you that your husband is wonderful and thoughtful, etc etc. but keep it to yourself. Thanks.

Okay--I think I'm done with the annoying stuff......Moving on.....

SO on a positive note, this was the first weekend in a month that I did not gain back the weight I lost during the week on the weekend---so perhaps maybe...jus maybe....this week I will actually lose some pounds for good. That I am proud of. I am proud at how I ROCKED the p90x chest and back workout last night.

Also I'm counting down the days to not being home with Mimi anymore=----not counting them down like I'm excited and can't wait===counting them down like I dread missing her. So I'm savoring ever hug, ever kiss, ever giggle and every little mess. I savored our trip to the grocery store, I savored her eating her free cookie from the bakery with excitement. I savored talking to her as we wandered through the toilet paper aisle. Now she is napping and I'm going to get some work done, and when she wakes up I am going to savor my afternoon with my adorable smiley child who is my world.


Jess Craig said...

we must be married to the same man. seriously. i literally FEEL your pain. there are some days where i am beyond pissed because of the stupidest things he does... selfishness really. anyway, i swear that i really do love my husband... despite how much shit i talk.

Jess Craig said...

oh, and another note. i'm hardly doing the DEED either.

laurapile said...

I hope the rest of your week is going better...I know what you mean about the hubby! I literally run around the house somedays getting things done while he sits and watches TV!! ugh!