Friday, May 14, 2010


I spend a good amount of time on here complaining on how my husband has irritated me or pissed me off in some way. It's about time I say something nice.

These past few weeks have been really stressful for my little family. My husband and have had to make some pretty big family decisions together over jobs and finances and school, etc. My husband is the level-headed one, the one that doens't cry when he's stressed or have melt downs. He's logical and rational. We decided TOGETHER that I would resign from my fellowship so I could take this job. We actually sat down together and weighed out our choices and the advantages and disadvantages of me taking this job or not. I won't go into them--but it was a tough choice. My husband knows that taking a full time job on top of finishing writing my disseration is going to be tough. He supports me knowing the next 6 months will be long, but in the end the family will benefit. Me, him and Mimicans, our little family. He's been really flexible about helping me find daycare coverage for Mimi while we wait for her to able to transition to full time at the end of June.

My husband also was there for me this week as I try my best to kick one nasty sinus infection. Monday through Wednesday it just kept getting worse and worse, he convinced me to call the doctor, as he whipped up vitamin C drinks for me and tried to keep my hydrated. He has a weird obsession with the power of vitamin C, I don't get it. He helped out more than usual with Mimi and housework, cleaning up the kitchen after dinners and bathing his daughter every night , when we usually take turns. He kept her busy in the mornings so I could get ready on time too. Tonite he blew me away by bringing home my favorite (actually our favorite) soup for when we are sick---won ton soup. He insisted on running out to the drug store at 10pm to get me Mucinex D because he said it will help more than the cheapo wallgreens fake PE sudafed that I bought because it was buy one get one free. He bought me a beautiful purple flowered bod of tissues and a bottle of Pellegrino to take my decongestant concoction with. God bless him today.

He has been so positive about me doing p90x and losing weight. He tells me EVERY DAY how beatiful I look, and how my clothes look so nice on me, etc....The other day he said the sweetest most beautiful thing to me. My friend Kim said I should write it down and read it when I feel like things are rough between us......

I was laying on the living floor trying to get Mimi to play with quiet, non-noisy toys because we were trying to watch a show (Legend of the Seeker because we are nerds) and I was entertaining her with blocks and gigantic legos and board books, dressed in gym clothes from hitting the gym that day on my lunch hour, and he said "Our daughter is so beautiful and you are so beautiful, when I look at the two of you I just want to have more babies with you" I thought that was sweet.
So I'm not going to talk about Mimi, or weightloss (even though this sinus infection has made me drop 3 lbs), I"m going to dedicate this post to my loving husband.