Sunday, November 1, 2009

Happy Halloween and such!

We are into the fall holidays! Yes I am so excited! I love the fall to winter holiday season.

Yesterday we took Mimi to "Boo at the Zoo" with my friend Grace and her daughter Dahlia. Poor Dahlia was tired and it was sooo hot, so she didn't have too much fun. Mimi LOVED it. She had her eyes wide open looking around the entire time! My husband thinks it is a waste of time to take her places because she is too little to enjoy things---that's crap, Mimi didn't cry or fuss and she didn't even fall asleep. She looked around with so much curiosity. I need to make an effort to take her out more. We "dressed" her up as a bunny--which was really just a white gerber onesie with a bunny hat. I did this for two reasons--I'm too cheap to spend 30 dollars on a costume that she won't remember and two costumes for babies are sooo hot--they're practically fleecy sleepers and it was over 90 yesterday. So go ahead and think i'm cheap---I saved 30 bucks and she didn't overheat.

In other news....
I have one pound left to lose! Yeah, most of my pants fit and i'm not even really trying. Imagine how awesome my weight loss would be if I didn't eat fun size snickers and junk? Yeah for breastfeeding!

My husband is going to NYC today for work and will be back Tuesday, I am so desperate without him--being a single parent would SUCK. I'm taking Mimi to NY next weekend for 4 days to see friends and family. I'm excited but a little worried about travelling alone with her on the plane and in the car. We;ll see--she usually is pretty chill when I need her to be. I'll let you know how that goes. This time I am travelling lite! I learned from the trip to Portland--the less you carry with the baby the better.

Hope everyone had a great Halloween!

In other news--Mimi is sleeping 10 hrs a night, breastfeeding is good, and we laid her down awake today and she went to sleep all by herself without crying!

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