Friday, March 5, 2010

Holy Crap Balls--bad week

Warning--Feminine issues discussed below---

Okay ladies, for those of you who have had babies---why did you not warn me of this? I guess I understand--I never liked discussing my period--no with my mom, not with friends, definitely not my husband--but someone should have warned me lol!

So after 17 nice long months of not having my period (one awesome perk of pregnancy), I finally started my monthly cycle this past week. HOLY SHIT I was not prepared for this. When I had my c-section I was prepared for some rough weeks of bleeding afterward---and surprisingly mine only lasted one week and it was pretty easy to deal with one or two days post surgery. So I was surprised at how dreadfully awful this whole week has been. I think it was wednesday morning-had some light spotting and thought, oh well finally, after 7 months post baby, I got my period back. By the next day I was doubled over in cramps thinking I was dieing. I remember loading the dishwasher thursday night wincing in agony thinking "they said labor would have been like really bad menstrual cramps...thank god for the c section!!" For the last two days I've had such horrible cramps and bloating it makes pregnancy symptoms look like a walk in the park. Even my husband was like "man you look really bloated" Thanks honey--I needed that.

To make this experience even more pleasant, Mimi came down with some 24 hour stomach flu and barfed EVERYWHERE. On wednesday night I left after putting Mimi to bed at 8:30 to go for a walk with my friend grace (by the way 9.6 miles so far this week!), and when I got back my husband had told me she had awaken and was fussy so he gave her some tylenol because we suspected she was cutting another tooth--the only time she ever awakens at night now is when her teeth bother her. So at 11pm, I heard her crying, and my husband said "don't go in there, she's fine, you'll just get her more stirred up and awake, let her put herself back to sleep." I reluctantly listened, because occasionally I do accidentally wake her up when I check on her. BUT when I snuck in for one last peek at midnight before I hit the hay I felt HORRIBLE for not going in at 11-and will never listen to my friggin husband again--she was curled up on her belly in a pile of puke--her hair was covered in puke, her pajamas were saturated in puke, she was laying in it, the blankets were covered with it, there were piles of puke all around the crib--holy puke armageddon! I felt like such a shit mom for not following my instincts to go in before. Poor baby---fell asleep in her own puke. So I gave her a bath and cleaned her bed up and nursed her a bit and put her back to bed. The next day she did that same thing 2-3 times. It was horrible--not only watching her puke and know it was painful--but having to continuously clean up puke covered stuff all day all the while scared to death my husband and I were next! She also had a 100.7 fever--not terribly high, but still not normal. She's okay now--yesterday the only thing she kept down was 10 minutes of nursing and 3 oz of pedialite. Today she nursed and nursed and nursed all day--it was like having a newborn again--it was all she wanted to do. I loved on her all day and let her nurse for 40 minutes at a time all throughout the day.

I on the other hand--have not stopped eating---I am ashamed to tell you what my hormone induced craze led me to do tonight---after eating somewhat healthy all day (actually all week) I had such a chocolate/icecream craving I ran out to baskin robbins/dunkin donuts while my husband gave Mimi a bath, and not only did I get a double scoop of ice-cream and eat almost all of it---I also got a strawberry iced donut and ate it in the car before I even got home! Jesus Christ what was wrong with me!? I indulge my chocolate addiction now and again--but I haven't been that bad with food in a long long time. I feel sick just thinking about how many calories that was. UGH damn period--

I hope you all had a better week than I did!!!

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Mummy Sarah said...

OUCH!!! I remember my first monthlies after both kids were quite painful, but it was much worse after the first baby. After a few months they went back to normal. I hope things get back to normal soon for you :). As for the vomit situation, a few months back my daughter was in the habit of coming in and out of her bed with all sorts of excuses....she told me she needed to wee and I put her back in bed and told her to go to sleep, next thing she was so upset cos she had wet the bed!! I felt so bad hehehe....Im sure she wont hold it against you :) Hope you are all feeling better by now!