Tuesday, March 2, 2010

A few products I really liked...

My friend said she was bored at work today and was sad I didn't have a new blog post for her to read....lol :-) so I thought I'd make a quick blog post showcasing (that word sounds so fancy) some baby-type products I use/love.

Shown in this link for $33 from
target. Mimi LIVED in this thing until about a month ago when her weight and combined force of bouncing forced me to take it apart, wash it and pack it up for "next time." This is by far, besides my breastpump, the number one thing to buy in my eyes. It was easy to put together, use and keep clean. The toy bar was pretty much useless, but for a short while the music amused her. The toy bar is detachable though. It also vibrates.

2. The Boppy Pillow-I'm sure you need no introduction to this miracle pillow. It was great for nursing, great for propping her up, and it seems my husband liked to lay on it a lot too! lol They are kind of pricey for what they are---a big U-shaped pillow, but I definitely got my money's worth. I bought the pottery barn soft micro fleece covers for the boppy (on ebay of course! hahaha) I just cleaned it and packed it up yesterday for "next time."

3. Graco snugride infant carseat. You go to give it to Graco--the whole snap carseat into stroller frame thing was genius! This carseat is among the top 5 safety rated infant carseats from consumer reports and it's affordable. I bought mine for 80 bucks off of Albeebaby.com with no tax and free shipping. It came with the base and I bought the Graco snap and go stroller frame from Amazon for about $50.

4. Snugli infant front carrier by Evenflo---I bought this thing on ebay for 99 cents! We have the one made of nylon with the vents. Forward or rear facing, up to 35 lbs!! Just so you know how much I love the cheapo snugli--I also have a baby bijorn, a moby wrap, and a hotsling--and I've tried them all!!! Mimi, me and my husband all LOVE the snugli. Easy to use, easy to wash and it was cheap. Even new it was the cheapest of all the ones I mentioned. I even carried her in it the other night when we went to a roller derby game and she weighs 20 lbs and it still fit her fine. The moby is nice...but...I live in FL so the fabric is too hot for outdoors, plus my husband won't wear that one, so it's all on me to carry her, and it takes practice to use that thing!

5. The First Years Breast Milk Storage System found on amazon for $16.99
This thing ROCKED. I have used it since Mimi was born for storing expressed breastmilk in the freezer. It functions by having a spring-loaded drawer thingy inside that freezer the milk flat, saving space. It also helps keep milk organized by date. The lid doubles as an extra storage container, which after about 25 bags you have to start using the lid for overflow storage. I find that Lansinoh breastmilk bags are THE BEST! Lansinoh bags are affordable, durable, BPA free from "virgin" plastic, and best of all they fit PERFECTLY in the First Years Storage container. If you want to know what happened the one and only time I didn't buy Lansinoh....

There's more but these are things I used the crap out of! lol----

Are there products you couldn't live without or ones you really loved? Let me know!

Thanks for reading ladies :-)

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