Friday, February 26, 2010

Having a *happy yet emotional week

Mimalicious enjoying some cheerios and banana :-)
We call these jammies her chocolate heart jammies :-)

As Mimi blissfully sleeps this morning, I wanted to make a quick post.

I am remembering a conversation I had with my husband awhile ago about how having children has affected our life together. I remember him admitting that he felt that when we had the baby his life would be burdened, he felt that he would have so much less time for himself. In his defense, my pregnancy Mimi was not planned. We had only been married 25 days before I got pregnant, and we had planned on waiting a year before we would try for a baby. I sometimes joke and say "Jesus had other plans for us" but in reality, Jesus had nothing to do with it! Careless birth control practices led us to our beautiful and much loved daughter. after he admitted to how he felt before (being burdened/having no free time), he said "it's not as bad as I thought--infact it's better than ever!" Last night after we put her to bed, we said how sometimes we just don't want to put her to bed because we want to stay up all night cuddling her and kissing her. We fight over who gets to tuck her in at night--meaning we both want to do it--and in the morning when we hear giggles coming from her crib we both jump up and say "I'll get her!" and we race to see who can grab our smiling baby first. We both admit that life is stressful and more expensive that without a baby. BUT---we also say that life would not be the same without her. She is by far the best thing we ever did. The day she was born was the best day of my life. My husband I often talk about how precious it will be when we have another baby someday and our family will grow in love, and how precious it will be to watch Mimi be a big sister. Having a baby is such a wonderful gift. I am thankful everyday that we had her and she is healthy and happy. We may not have a big house, or fancy cars, or take Caribbean vacations, be we don't care. We feel so full of love and happiness that those things don't matter to us.

Mimi is 7 months old and is the apple of our eye, the light in our day. My husband I always say, we wish everyone would get married and have kids, because it is the best experience of our life, and we want all of our friends and family to share in that joy as well.

Lately I find myself sitting with Mimi just watching her, watching her delicately pick up cheerios with two fingers, and crawl around her room playing with toys. I like watching her try to drink out of a cup in the bath. I am feeling quite emotional about it lately, I'm even tearing up right now writing this. Maybe it's hormones, I don't care. Sometimes I'm just overwhelmed with how much I love my baby, and how much it has made the love between my husband and I grow stronger.

Not a very interesting post--but just wanted to share my thoughts today.

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