Sunday, February 21, 2010

Trip to the great grandparents

So we made our first "roadtrip" with Mimi this weekend. This is sort-of not true--Mimi and I went to NY in November, but we flew and then rented a car and drove around a lot. This was the first time my husband, Mimi and I took a little weekend car trip together. We went to visit his grandparents in down in South Florida, who are almost 90 and still live alone, unassisted in a little house about 4 hours away.

Let me just say this---the items for my husband and I filled one small bag---the rest of our subaru hatch was FILLED with baby crap. Seriously---no joke---full of baby stuff. We had the pack and play crib, the diaper bag loaded with diapers and wipes, bag of toys/clothes/bedding, baby food in a little cooler, and my breast pump. CRAZY. I'm proud to admit we used everything except of her coat! (because it was sunny and 80 :-) degrees)

On the way down we stopped north of Orlando and dropped of a cooler full of breastmilk. I know what you're thinking--that is a weird statement. Yes, I donated 150 oz of my precious overstocked breastmilk. It got to the point where I was like "we either have to buy another freezer or start throwing this stuff away." I had over 50 bags, each with 4-6 oz in them frozen and labelled for Mimi. With Mimi eating more and more solids each day, she drinks less and less milk, yet I still diligently pump it. So, I found a women through "Milkshare," a website designed to connect donors with local recipients, found a women with a baby one day younger than Mimi who needed milk. On our way down we exchanged coolers of milk at a local McDonalds. It felt good knowing my milk would feed another little baby. Mimi had plenty to spare :-)

We spent Saturday and part of Sunday with my husband's grandparents, who are crazy old. His grandfather still maintains the house and garden and cooks and cleans, his grandmother unfortunately is suffering from Alzheimer's and doesn't' take very good care of herself. I don't know how he takes care of himself, the house and her, bless his heart. She is kind of crazy--no joke, but loves seeing us all the same. She remembers us just fine, but forgets what she tells you. No joke, she asked me if I wanted coffee 20 times this morning and told me the same story about their car at least 10 times this weekend. All tha
t being said, they doted on Mimi all weekend, playing with her and talking to her in Italian, so sweet.
We didn't do much while we were there but eat, visit, relax and enjoy the sunshine. For some reason even though it is only 4 hours south, it is so much sunnier and warmer there. I am 150 pages into the fourth twilight book and very disappointed with the section describing their honeymoon--friggin' morons and their watered down love scenes (sorry if you're moron, i mean no harm)! but reading the book was relaxing all the same :-)

On our way home we stopped at IKEA and i'm proud to say that after 3 hours of browsing we only spent 40 dollars! LOL

Luckily our cleaning lady cleaned friday before we left so we came home exhausted to a bleachy clean home.

By the way Courtney------I walked 7.5 miles this week---Not as much as I expected--HOW DID YOU DO!?!??!

I'm pumped for my job interview tomorrow--wish me luck!



Kyle and Court: said...

I laughed at your Twilight comment, b/c I had the same reaction.

9.65 . . .I think we both did awesome. Let's aim for 11 this next week. Is that too much? I can usually get b/w 2.25 - 2.50 miles done before Sophie quits on me.


Jess Craig said...

we always mess with our grandmother who has alzheimers. is that mean? it's a good laugh though.