Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Ugly Truth of Post Pregnancy Weight and Body

I'm posting this--even though I'm embarrassed of how I look. I think it's important for moms to know that not all people JUMP back into their prepregnancy clothes/size lickity split post delivery. I've struggled with my weight my entire life. I am dedicated to a healthy lifestyle and getting healthy and fit--not skinny. My goal is to get to 165 lbs, which is the higher end of the doctor suggested weight range for my height and build. I'm not going to be coy and not tell you my acutally weight--I'm putting myself out there.

Lowest weight as an adult over 20 yrs old===170lbs
Highest weight as an adult over 20 yrs old===250 !!!! Highest pants size 18/20! Holy scary
Prepregnancy weight===218 lbs and a size 16
Post pregnancy weight today at 61/2 months post partum==208 lbs and a size 14
Goal weight==165lbs and a size 12

There you go--the ugly truth!

Look at my links on the right to Courtney's blog "Go Team Hale" --Shame on her she doesn't update it more frequently (just kiddin') and also check out her youtube page

Also---Has baby Pile arrived yet!?

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Grace said...

That was awesome! Very brave.
I still say pants UNDER gut. lol.
Oh ... and I have no sympathy for your back fat, or lack there of. I look like I have wings compared to you >:|