Saturday, March 6, 2010

Things I'm trying not to buy!

I blame Billavonglova for getting me hooked on etsy! Now whenever I'm pumping late at night and bored I surf etsy favoriting (word?) items I think I'll buy on payday! lol This is what you do when you don't have cable--you blog too much, subscribe to strangers youtube pages (however some don't feel so much like strangers anymore :-)) and surf ebay and etsy for chique but affordable baby stuff.

I've already purchased two bows and some hair clip inserts that help the bows stay better from birdylu's page The little white strips she puts her hairbows actually keep them gently held in my baby's hair--ingenious! Her bows are really well made and very affordable--can't beat her shipping either--I think it was 40 cents!
Here are some photos of Mimi with her new bows---they dont' match her outfit but who cares! I'm not that kind of mom anyway! lol

We are all feeling better today--thank god! Mimi and I still have the sniffles, but we're just pumping her full of saline and I just put our vaporizer in her room during her nap to help. With us having the heat on lately the house has been so dry.

Here are things I'm looking to buy soon:
Crochet Beanie with Flower (due to our envy of Sophies' awesome hats)
Ladybug Bloomers (cause she's daddy's little bug)
Cupcake Onesie and Tutu (possible 1st birthday photos)

Have a great weekend!

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laurapile said...

Have you read this girls blog?! she has a little obsession with bows and hair things