Sunday, March 14, 2010

Ah...Spring :-)

This weekend kind of sucked in some ways, and was beautiful in other ways.

The sucky part would be my husband who is miserable and sick and can barely get off the couch. Poor guy--he very rarely is ever sick, I think I've only ever seen him sick like this once before in the entire time we've known each other. I think he has a pretty nasty sinus infection--his whole face is swollen and he has a horrible sinus headache--although he also has fever, chills and body aches, so I hope it's not the flu--because of course none of us got the flu shot (my husband is against flu shots)! So--there he sits on couch so pathetic looking, refusing to eat, only drinking water and hot tea. I set up a vaporizer for him that he sits and breaths in too. Aside from feeling sorry for him and very empathetic--it sucks because I have to take care of the baby all by myself 24/7, which I had been doing all week while she was sick--I feel like I need a vacation from caring for others!!! Today I have massive loads of laundry and cleaning to do--bleah.

To brighten my day, I took Mimi and we met some friends for Dim Sum in the hoity toity area of town with million dollar homes. I used to babysit for uber rich families over there so I know where all the fancy playgrounds are. We all had dim sum and the kids were so well behaved. Mimi and Dahlia sat so nicely at the table snacking on dumplings and chow mein. We took them to a park afterwards and took some snapshots. Grace helped keep Mimi from eating leaves and I got to snap some cute photos of her daughter, Dahlia ran so fast it was hard to catch her on camera!
After I parted from my friends I put Mimi in her Easter dress and took her over to a really nice park nearby with a beautiful grassy area and gazebo. I snapped 80 photos! lol all of her in her adorable smocked easter dress (bought on ebay for $9.99!!!) with her new bunny and bunny ears from target. I won't post these photos until closer to Easter. They were sooooo cute though--the weather was perfect and sunny and gorgeous. What a fantastic afternoon.

Now we're home and Mimilicious is fast asleep in her crib, tuckered out from all the excitement, my husband is lounging on the couch with a vaporizer looking pitiful, and I have atleast 4 or 5 loads of laundry and some kitchen cleaning calling my name.

Hope you all had a great weekend!!

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