Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Body Image

I was talking with one of favorite people last night (who happens to be preggers again :-) !!) and we were chatting about body image.  In fact i've had chats about "body image" with a few of my friends this week.  It seems to be on women's minds a lot.  Getting "skinny" or "fit" seems to be on a lot of woman's "to do lists."  I know it's near the top of mine.  Infact, my husband and my friend's husband were even chatting about the kind of body's they want their woman to have lol!

I've been having a problem lately dealing with my change in size.  I went shopping last week to buy some new dresspants, the size 16 (and some 14) size pants were like potato sacks on me.  So I go to the Gap Outlet, to get some cheap dress pants for work, and what size did I buy? I frickin 14.  I grabbed some pants, tried them on, and they were loose, but not falling off, so I bought them.  I get home, put them on one day and my husband says "Dude I thought you bought new pants, those are huge on you!"  For some reason I was afraid to get the smaller size.  I actually could have fit into a 12.  I didn't even try that size.  I am just so used to being huge, that I was like "no way am I really a 12"  So now I have pants that are slightly less potato sack.  I think also, because I've been wearing over-sized pants for awhile now, I'm used to having some room you know? Like after having a baby you still LOVE your frickin maternity pants cause they are oh-so-comfy.  You're afraid to have an actual button on your waist.   Well I'm done with the big clothes.  I cleaned out my closet.  I tossed some, donated some, and made a pile to get altered (when I have some extra cash).  From now on I am going to get my real size.

So my husband has also lost quite a bit of weight.  He's now weighing in at 181!!!! What the frack!? Every time I get close to his weight he loses 5 lbs.  He's looking so slim these days.  I was telling Courtney that even his watch is too big for him.  His pants are falling off of him too.  We have decided we're hitting the after Christmas sales and getting some clothes that fit us.

I want to congratulate Jess on her recent weight loss.  She is looking AMAZING.

I want to congratulate Courtney on her pregnancy and weightloss! AND yes , depending on your bodytype and nutrition, you CAN end up losing weight while pregnant.  I lost 6 lbs my first trimester and Mimi was over 8lbs folks.  You can also work out safely throughout your pregnancy, as long as you were working out at that level at least 6 months prior to becoming pregnant and have your docs blessing.  So keep up the good work Court!  I'm overjoyed for you.

I want to also congratulate my friend Grace on being 4 months preggo and only gaining a few pounds!  She is walking and keeping active too.  But why is she not bloggin!?

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