Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Ups and Downs

So if you've been following me on my 10 day Crazy Weightloss Challenge sponsored by Kyleandcourt, then today was day 10.  I had a great 10 days.  I worked out 4 times a week (ran 3.5 miles atleast 3-4 days a week), made healthy choices, learned the regret that comes with weekend weightgain, made new friends via the challenge, and DROPPED below my plateau weight!!!

These past 10 days proved challenge in my non-Crazy Weightloss Challenge life with work and home. We travelled twice, all got sick, and I endured some pressure cooker type things at work that gave me heartburn (and/or and ulcer).

Today I was 183.  That is 2-3 lbs below my plateaued weight of 185/186.  Only 2-3 lbs you say?!  Well--in 10 days that's pretty good.  Just think of how awesome I would have done if I didn't' pig out last weekend!  I'm happy with the weightloss. I'll take that.

Another great thing was switching up my running to 4 times per week.  I had been on a 3 times per week routine for 3 months.  Amping it up to 4 has become the norm now.   Also--very exciting....the maker of 5k101 has selected me to be one of the 10 people to try out his new "Your Fastest 5K" Program that he will be putting out soon.  He wanted 6-10 people who had successfully completed his program to try this program out and track their results and give feedback.  Well Todd--I am PSYCHED.  You should look for some videos and blogs from me these next 6 or 7 weeks talking about my progress.  I also just signed up for my 2nd 5K, a reindeer run on December 2nd ( I know random Thur night right?).  My friend Patty who inspired me to do 5K101 is running with me, it's her first 5K, even though she was weeks ahead of me in the program.

Other news? Well Mimicans is over 15 months now. Time for her update, I think I'll do that separately maybe tomorrow.  I have off tomorrow so I am going to be on a rampage spending quality time with Mimi, cleaning and doing laundry, and running of course cause I'm ADDICTED.

For your viewing pleasure....some photos from last weekend's trip to see Mimi's godparents.

Nice Static Hair Eh?

Goes down slides all by herself now

Parenting of the year award goes she didn't really drink it, we let her play with the bottle...

Tricia playing with Mimi in playground tunnel

How can you not love kids in overalls!?

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Kammy'sMama said...

you are amazing!! congrats on getting below your plateaued weight...that is awesome!! and as always, mimi is adorableeee!!