Friday, November 19, 2010

Why do men drop weight without having to work at it!?

Why is my husband losing weight!? Every morning we both get up and pee and weigh ourselves (sorry if TMI lol) and then we announce our weights to each other.  We've both been losing weight steadily for the last two months or so.  Here's the difference though---I ACTUALLY WORK MY ASS OFF! This is so frustrating!  I run 4 days a week, watch what I eat, eat mostly raw foods, he eats junk, late night snacks, and goes out to each lunch most of the week...oh and HE DOESN"T EVEN WORKOUT!  So I had this little mini goal way back when I started getting serious about weightloss to get below his weight (which has happend twice for like a day).  Yes I know, most women weigh less than their husbands...anyway....every time I get close to his weight, he drops 5 lbs.  I've been hovering around my new plateau of 183 and (although this am I was 182.6) and he was....wait for it......179 lbs! He's killing me!  By the way we're both 5'10"

anyway, here's me today wearing a cardigan from Jess :-)  On  Fridays we dress down (more so when bossman is gone) and we all are wearing jeans today.  God, see how I still have  gut!? GRRRRRR
I don't know if it's because I'm hormonal, but I am feeling really down about the way I look these last few days.  Please don't take that statement as me fishing for positive comments--yes I know I'm skinnier, but I'm not happy about my shape right now.  Oh let's now forget the great acne I'm getting now that I'm off BC.  Thanks mother nature.

So how is my raw diet transition going? Going well, been about 50% raw so far.  Yesterday I was all raw except for some dairy products and a tortilla.  I'll take that.  Today so far I'm 100% raw (but only since I've had breakfast and morning snack).  We'll see what lunch and dinner bring.  I finished week one of Fastest 5K, today I start Week 2 with a "hard run."  I think I'll try to get er done before dinner.  So far the program has challenged me, I ran 3.8 miles instead of 3.1 on my "normal" run day.  This week I am going to stretch a lot more though so my muscles aren't as sore.  Have a great weekend, I have some cute Mimi photos to upload but the camera's at home.


Meg Smith said...

You look fantastic! It's hard to maintain motivation, but you really have been keeping it up! Good for you! Have a great weekend and I can't wait to see your cute pictures of Mimi! :)

stephanie5288 said...

I would love to hear about the raw foods you are eating! I think you look great, but I know what you mean about not loving your shape though you are skinnier. I have resigned myself to never, ever having a flat stomach. Sigh.