Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Random Post

Let me show you how she eats yogurt
Mommy and Mimi on the big kid swings
I love my kid so much. She is like my best little buddy.  I with I could just stay home and have babies and just love on them all day.  Starting with my brown-eyed curly-haired little Mimilicious.  She is growing up so fast.  Tonight I took a bath her and played and laughed and just "created a moment" as laura said in her last blog post.  

That's all I wanted to say today.

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laurapile said...

aww! I am glad I inspired you to make a memory! I am seriously savoring everyday I have left at home with Kaleb!

Have another baby!! a boy for Mimi to play with! :)

Or move to Canada where you get 1 year of mat leave...sure there is snow here but seriously..one whole year...PAID!!