Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Birthday Month!

My husband's family does this thing called "Birthday Week" when you celebrate the entire week of your birthday.  A few years ago I joked that I wanted "Birthday Month!"  I announced to my husband last night that "It's my birthday month starting tomorrow!!!"  He said "no it's Jesus'," then he said "Actually Jesus wasn't born until April."  I replied "Well it's my birthday month!!!!!"

I LOVE december.  Friggin love it.  Love the holidays, love the cold (in FL that's 55 degrees), love the celebrating (even though my boss is a scrooge and we're doing NOTHING), love the decorations, lights, etc etc!!!!

So 10 more days until my big 29 bday!
So excited as well to run another 5K tomorrow!
Mimi's ready for Dec in her Green and Red!!!

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Jess Craig said...

why do you keep posting pictures of mimi eating amazingly delicious food?