Thursday, December 2, 2010

Outfit of the Day

This is a first for me.  I don't ever do "Outfit of the Day" posts because I have no style.  Seriously, between having worked at an environmental dept where I was in the field all the time, to staying home with a baby that spit up until she was 10 mths old, to now working in a office wearing business clothes that are two sizes too big for me.  Can you see why I have no style!?

Grace and I were shopping in target last night.  She was trying on cute maternity dresses (see her dress here) and shirts and I was checking myself out in the 3 way mirror while she tried on stuff.  Sounds conceited right? Let me just check myself out.....No, I was really just mentally criticizing my clothes and my body.  I need new clothes, not because I have no clothes but because I have no clothes that fit me properly.

So, once weekly (or more if I have time) I will attempt to do Outfit of the day. I'm hoping this inspires me to be/look more put together.  Today I'm doing it with my IPhone in my office bathroom, classy right? Well, hey, if you want photos and blogs you have to take em' where you get em'.

So today I'm wearing tweed pants (see pattern below) from American Eagle, a white tank from Jcrew, a black "dream" turtleneck sweater from Jcrew, and Earth Spirit embroidered brown leather shoes.  Notice how classy I am with my "no sock" sock things sticking out. Very Classy.  Oh and my belt is from Kohl's.


Laura said...

looking good! I should do this once I'm back at work and actually have a style...or umm, wear proper clothes! haha!

Kammy'sMama said...

dang are so skinny!!! good for you!!

Meghann said...

ummm look how skinny you are!! love the outfit and hair too :)