Thursday, December 9, 2010

Diapers and Decaf

This week has been nuts.  My boss was on a rampage, I caught a cold, we had two holiday parties, one new babysitter, and partridge in a pear tree.

Not to mention the frigid Florida temperatures!! I know you northern and Canadian readers don't have a lot of sympathy for me on this one, but it's truly cold here!  Like frost on the ground, need to warm up your car cold.   After living in FL for seven years (formerly from NY), my blood has thinned and I am such a baby now. Although, I did run 3.5 miles in shorts yesterday, lol.  My legs were bright red and freezing when I got back.

So having a lot of trouble sleeping this week.  I don't know if it's stress from work or from the Muscinex D I've been taking, which I guess makes some people jittery.  Either way it sucks, I wake up at 5am with nightmares and restlessness and can't get back to sleep.  Today I stop trying to get back to sleep and just got up and did some laundry and made some eggs.  I didn't feel like making espresso at home and figured I'd have a tea when I go to work--except this is the only tea I had left in my stash---Decaf! WTF! My husband told me I should go off coffee for awhile, he said when you do that and go back on it later it jives you up a lot more.  Is that a good thing? lol

I'm pretty impressed with how my body has handled this cold compared to the last one.  Last cold I got turned into bronchitis in 4 days, this time around I was more proactive with a netty pot, extra vitamin C supplements, exercise, and better use of my asthma inhalers.  Mimi got the cold too and just has a runny nose, she seems fine too.

So I wanted to tell you guys how I buy diapers because it's a steal.  I buy Huggies Little Movers and use the Amazon "Subscribe and Save" program, which let's you combine it with a mom's club discount.
I don't know how well you guys can understand this--so basically you decide how many diapers you use in a month, then you set up auto shipments of that purchase on a monthly basis.  You get a 15% discount for using subscribe and save, and a 15% discount for being an Amazon Mom's Member (which is also free). so I get 100 diapers (the large case) for $22.63--NO TAX and FREE SHIPPING.  You can't deny this is a great deal.  I upped mine to two cases a month, one case didn't quite get us throught the month.  I'll cut back if I get overstocked.  You can increase or reduce your quantity at anytime and move the ship date earlier if you're running low or something.  If you have a kid in diapers, try it out, works for other brands too of course, and wipes.  I buy my wipes at our local grocery store though, they have an unscented one I really like that's cheap.

I think that's it.  I have one run left to on my Fastest 5K program, which I'm going to do Saturday (My Birthday! Yeah 29!) and then i'll see how many minutes I cut off my official 5K time!  We're also getting our tree Saturday and Sunday I'm have 10 of my lady friends over for our annual Christmas cookie party.  I'll have photos to share of course :-) Keep warm everybody!

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Kyle and Court said...

We use the subscribe amazon thing to for our diapers and our wipes. You save so much money!