Monday, December 6, 2010

Weekend Recap

 This weekend was a mixed bag.  I don't know if it's hormones, or stress or what, but man Saturday I woke up on the wrong side of the bed--scratch that, I woke up on the wrong side of the earth! I was grumpy as hell from the minute I woke up.  I was pissed at my husband for not picking up diapers on his way home from the volleyball game Friday night, I was mad that he wouldn't let me sleep in, I was mad at our entire household, even the dog.  I had a laundry list of stuff I wanted to get done on Saturday, because the weekends are the only time I can do ANYTHING it seems.  But alas, my husband had made plans for us all to do to the Natural History Museum, as it was faculty and staff appreciation day so it was free (including the butterfly garden seen above).  All in all I'm happy we went as a family, especially since family activities aren't always the top of my husband's list.  Mimi loved the butterflies, and all the other great things to see in the butterfly garden (turtles, coy fish, etc).  We got some nice up close photos. These reduced quality ones don't do it justice, but there you go.
After the museum we went to a greek place for "Linner", which is when you eat a hug meal, a little after lunch but before dinner, which then becomes dinner.  Mimi ate gobs of hummous and falafel with tahini.  I feel really blessed that my kid will eat almost anything, it makes for easy outings.  She's more like my husband with food I think.  Which is good.  Saturday night my husband went out AGAIN to see volleyball (I think he likes the girls in those shorts?), and I stayed home and crafty.  I made the most adorable appliquéd snowflake shirt for Mimi.  I was rather proud of it.  I washed and dried it already and it managed to still look pretty awesome.  I have a feeling I'll make some more.  I've really been getting into sewing and crafts.
Should I feature some tutorials of what I've done for you guys? Or are you not interested? I've been told my blog and vlogs are getting boring because all I talk about is running and weightloss.  I even had a few unsubscribers, which is fine.  I guess I talk about running and weightloss a lot because it's one thing in my life right now I can apply myself to and succeed.  I juggle all these other big things in life, including finishing my dissertation, and running is a challenge I am succeeding at.  So I'm sorry if it is boring to you guys.

I know a lot of my subscribers are moms, some of which I know are trying to get in shape/lose weight too.  I want to give back all the support that I get from all of you!

In other news....Sunday I took Mimi to her little boyfriend's 2nd Birthday party.  She had a blast.  The timing could not have been more perfect.  I took Mimi right after she woke up from her nap, so she was bright-eyed and bushy-tailed.  I didn't look so bright-eyed myself, having run around like a chicken with my head cut off all morning trying to get done all the stuff I couldn't get done Saturday.  I dressed her in this adorable baby gap tutu I got for $7 on clearance at the outlet and a cute onesie from gymborie that was part of another jumper outfit.  She managed to stay clean even with cake and icing flying everywhere by 10 other toddlers. She LOVED the bounce house they had set up, but I had to let her in with the other (bigger) kids weren't going crazy in there.  When we left she through quite the fit which was rather embarrissing, but it was getting late in the day and I needed to get some real food in her before her sugar crash post-cake.
See the plastic playhouse in the photo below? I need to find one of these on craigslist, she friggin' loved this thing.  She got really mad when other kids tried to ring the doorbell.  We had to have a little lesson on taking turns.

Okay guys, let the crazy Christmas party weeks begin!  This week we have to Christmas parties and then my birthday (the big 29!), followed by a cookie party at my house this weekend.  Twill be a busy week!

Love to all my blogger buds!

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kphelan81 said...

hey Jenney,i totally know how you feel about waking up and feeling upset,angry about everything,today i feel that way,just reading what you said made me feel better about my self,thanks :)