Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas!

Today I feel happy, rested, and blessed.  Last night we had 6 people over for Christmas Eve Dinner and made 6 lbs of Crab Legs (mmmm)! We sat up drinking wine and relaxing and finally at 3am the house was clean and my family was "nestled all snug in their beds" while I finished wrapping stocking stuffers and then crawled into bed with my toasty husband.  We slept in until 9am and woke up to the most delightful day.  It was sunny and warm today.  We let Mimi unwrap gifts in her new chair that our friend Kim got her . She did okay with the unwrapping, but she got a little bored so we got to open the rest.  We feel so unbelievably blessed that there are so many great friends and family that sent Mimi such nice gifts.  We bought her a wagon awhile ago which was her Christmas gift and my husband is making her some blocks out of some nice poppler wood we bought.   My husband and I exchanged stockings, not gifts, and I must say I was most impressed with his originality and thoughtfulness this year!  He did Mimi's stocking too, and came up with some great finds for hers as well.  I think his favorite was either the pickled okra in his stocking or the cufflinks, hard to say, he liked them both.

We went to mass which of course was kind of a nightmare with the Memester, but we survived.  I put Mimi in this adorable bishop smocked dress from ebay that my friend's little girl actually wore last year.  We went to a friend's for lunch and enjoyed some of the best holiday food I've ever had.  We came home and all napped for 3 hrs! lol

Now, with Mimi all "nestled snug in her bed" again, I sit her next to my gorgeous husband, on our cozy couch, with our dimly lit tree and rain hitting the window feeling so content.  I am thankful for my lovely friends and family, my health, and all great things we fail to stop an appreciate most days.  Thank you to everyone who reads and comments and enriches my life.

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