Friday, December 10, 2010

Your baby is what you eat....

Whenever I watch this ladie's videos I always think the same thing.  Does she not see what a hypocrite she is?

She totes herself as an advocate for breastfeeding, cloth diapers, baby sign language, all in the name of giving her children the best.  Some of her statements and videos criticizing formula-feeding non-breastfeeding mothers have not been well-received by her followers either (see and example of one of her pro-breastfeeding videos here).  Here you can see a response another mommy made to her video.

How can you in one breath advocate "breast if best" and the enormous heatlh benefits of breastfeeding, and in the next breath shove down a bowl or spaghettios (where 1 cup serving has 26% of your daily suggested sodium intake) and some Jack in a Box burgers (21 grams of fat and even more sodiums (837 mg!))?  
Where does she think the junk she puts in he body goes?
Obesity is generally associated with high intake of junk foods rich in energy, fat, sugar and salt combined with a dysfunctional control of appetite and lack of exercise. There is some evidence to suggest that appetite and body mass can be influenced by maternal food intake during the fetal and suckling life of an individual. However, the influence of a maternal junk food diet during pregnancy and lactation on the feeding behaviour and weight gain of the offspring remains largely uncharacterised. In this study, six groups of rats were fed either rodent chow alone or with a junk food diet during gestation, lactation and/or post-weaning. The daily food intakes and body mass were measured in forty-two pregnant and lactating mothers as well as in 216 offspring from weaning up to 10 weeks of age. Results showed that 10 week-old rats born to mothers fed the junk food diet during gestation and lactation developed an exacerbated preference for fatty, sugary and salty foods at the expense of protein-rich foods when compared with offspring fed a balanced chow diet prior to weaning or during lactation alone. Male and female offspring exposed to the junk food diet throughout the study also exhibited increased body weight and BMI compared with all other offspring. This study shows that a maternal junk food diet during pregnancy and lactation may be an important contributing factor in the development of obesity.

*Bayol SA et al. A maternal 'junk food' diet in pregnancy and lactation promotes an exacerbated taste for 'junk food' and a greater propensity for obesity in rat offspring. British Journal of Nutrition, published online 15 Aug 2007.


Okay Okay, I'm not trying to say I don't indulge in treats or the occasional junk food item. But I'm not a habitual junk (or restaurant food) eater either. I also don't think i'm some sort of goddess for never having given my child formula, I'm proud that I persevered through 13 months of breastfeeding, but proud of myself and smug about it are different attitudes though.

I anticipate nasty unapproving comments from some of this chic's legion of followers.  Go for it.


Laura said...

I know who you are referring to and I agree with you, she can be pretty crazy! I always believe every mother has a story whether her child is at the bottle or breast, it's not as cut and dry as some think.

Life With Collin said...

I just wanted to share this link with you because I know that like me you chose to give your baby organic dairy products. I don't know if you already know about this, but organic dairy is rated. I didn't know this, and just found out that the organic milk we were buying was at the bottom with a rating of 0!!!! OH MY GOSH! So needless to say we are switching brands... but I wish I would have known this sooner. Here is the link (you might be ahead of me and already know this)

Sarah said...

I watch her vids too (usually only the first few minutes before her facial expressions and attitude start to annoy me). I don't know how she calls herself a Christian. I couldnt believe that whole thing with the photograper and how she dragged her rep through dirt.

Meghann said...

i've seen some of her vids, something about her just annoys me.
i'm still nursing at 14 months and gave up the good eating a while ago. now i'm motivated to get some healthy food going into this milk again :) thanks jenny