Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Feeling Like Death-

Today I set my alarm for 5:50am to get up and run.  Knowing I had to work late tonight, I wanted to make sure I got in my run.  When the alarm when off, I slammed snooze and went back to bed.  At 7:15am (now going to be late for work) I had to force myself out of bed.  My head ached, my back ached, my body ached, I felt dizzy and queasy.  Think I'm sick?

Oh but I am at work because I DON'T HAVE SICK LEAVE.  I dragged my sorry butt in the shower, threw on some clothes (not quite office attire but don't care) and dragged my sorry self to my horrible desk.  Today I'm armed with ginger-ale and a sad sick look.  I don't know if I'll make it through the whole day--but I'm here now clocked in and that's what matters.   What sucks when you don't allow your employees sick leave or work from home, they bring in their germs and sit at their desk unproductive trying not to barf on their computers.

I did lose a pound so there is some + news today.


Jess Craig said...

make sure you contaminate that ENTIRE place.

Kammy'sMama said...

aw man feel better lady! if you do puke...try to puke on your boss lol that'll teach em to give the employees sick leave!