Monday, November 29, 2010

Hello boobs, where did you go?

Okay, so my friend dragged me to Victoria's Secret yesterday to buy what she calls "booby holders", which as a side note It think is a little tacky.  So she has been nagging me for weeks to get new bras.  With all the weight I've lost and stopping nursing, the ladies (my boobs) look deflated and GONE! Serioulsy, I have no boobs left.  When I became pregnant I was a 38 D, then while nursing a 38DD.  So I go to VS and get fitted for a bra and guess what?
                                                                         38 C

Two cup sizes? I've lost two cupsizes? Man, that sucks, new bras are expensive! So I bit the bullet and took advantage of VS's buy one get one half off and WHAM 125 bucks later I have 4 really nice bras that actually fit and make me feel amazing.  You don't realize how wrong your size was until you start wearing bras that fit you properly.

I got the "naked" bra, which fells amazing.  I also bought a new biofit bra, very nice.  My husband seemed pretty psyched too :-)

until later.....

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Jess Craig said...

oooo! i like the biofit bra. pretty awesome. but you know, i buy my bras at target and i'm pretty happy with them too.